wellington hRoad opponents plan protest march

Homeowners from Paekakariki to Levin attended the hui, with the overwhelming majority strongly opposing the four-lane expressway and vowing to fight against it.

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@ Kapiti Coaster, you principle is being ignored because it is inaccurate! But while we are talking about Rate Payers and an increase in rates do you realise that if this Expressway goes through that SH-1 will be handed back to KCDC as a local road and we as rate payers will be expected to fix and maintain it, currently this stretch of road costs 1 MILLION per year to maintain, I guess that will be a huge increase in rates then! Re you presumption of the 50% from local Rates to go into Western Link it was seen by NZTA as fixing SH-1 cheaply thus is how they were able to fund it 95%, go research it!

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Takamore Trust, which oversees the urupa, is also considering litigation. Spokesman Ben Ngaia also believed the Ropata mily had been blind-sided. We have been fighting [to save the urupa] since 1945. We have two options – support or oppose by litigation. The community has come together. NZTA has a big fight on its hands.

Queenie Rikihana, whose relatives are buried in the urupa, said history showed that European influenza victims, including women and children, were buried there also.

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The local elections came at a time when this issue was at its height, and was a golden opportunity for the supposedly vast numbers of people opposed to send a clear message. That didnt happen because the vast majority are happy with this development. Thats the cold hard truth of it.

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It is a pity that Labours proposal to simply tidy up SH1 has not been properly discussed. The transport agency (Transit, now NZTA) was producing plans for this back in 2001 (under Labour). The widened and straightened highway (actually, it was labelled Expressway even then) was 6 lanes in places, had large interchanges, destroyed a large number of business and residential properties between Raumati and Waikanae, went through ecologically sensitive areas, reduced access to the rail line, cost about twice the present proposal, and would have been hugely disruptive during construction. Scores of properties have their access from this road. Im sure there would have been very many grumpy Kapiti residents if this went ahead. It is apparently not a matter to four-lane the existing road − whether it is to be called an Expressway or simply a Highway. It is old, and built over sand and peat. NZTA apparently thought all this was obvious, but – to judge from many of the posted comments – clearly it is not. And Labour will discover all this, once they start looking back in their own records.

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However in 2008 KCDC changed the status of the designation to a 2-lane local arterial, which got more and morwellington house eastern healthe locally focussed and would have had r less impact on SH1. It was going to be low speed, have several traffic lights, only part of the through route was planned, and there were major issues such as having a signalised intersection to the south (traffic signals on SH1 clearly being very undesirable).

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People were promised a link road not an expressway. Not only that the express will prevent a Raumti Railway station from being built as well.

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There have been a couple of much biggger processes recently however. A 2008 General Election that put a party in power based on infrastructure investment policies. And a 2010 local authority election where several "stop the road" candidates stood and not one even got close to being elected. Power to the people!

Golly gosh Mark Harris, how do you know what my political inclinations are? Sounds like you have a predetermined view. I was only observing what the recent democratic decision- has been, becuase some are complaining that the NZTA process was "undemocratic".

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A petition had been organised, and plans were in place for the march. The expressway would run directly behind her back fence, she said. I have always said even if it doesnt go through my house I will fight this, because it will destroy our community forever.

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Which brings wellington hRoad opponents plan protest marchme to democratic decsion-. So the extensive NZTA process is undemocratic but a Dom Post poll is? Yeah right!

@Noel, those years of debate had identified the Western Link road as the best solution for Kapiti traffic problems. In ct, the experts (including NZTA) had rejected the expressway at least twice before in vour of the Western Link. Dont be fooled into thinking NZers are getting a good deal here. Were being robbed of a solution that truly was the best deal for Kapiti and NZ so that bigger trucks can transport more crap between Auckland and Wellington.

@ Dave, Alan and Noel. Your comments would be laughable if this situation wasnt so serious. None of your comments are based on cts and figures just ignorant generalisations (pot calling the kettle black). We have been working on this for 18 months and know all the cts and figures we research research research…all our figures are from NZTA and other government bodies as well as a number under the Official Information Act! I suggest you do the same before you sweeping inaccurate statements that you obviously know nothing about.Just one thing I would like to make comment on and I will put it in the st terms so even you can understand it, "For the Greater Good" how is it for the greater good, if for every $1 that is spent on this conglomeration there is a return of 60 cents ??? Anyone with half a brain can work that one out and the total budget is 23 billion …YES 23 Billion, has it entered your head where that might come from? Overseas borrowing and how is it going to be paid back ? You, your children, your grandchildren, and their children will be paying this into eternity and it will NEVER EVER be a profitable road !! For the Greater Good …..!!!Another important point WE ARE NOT AGAINST ROADS !! We are for a bridge over Waikanae River to link the local community and take 75% of traffic off SH-1 in off peak, and 25% off SH-1 in Peak Traffic, we dont like traffic jams either,….and upgrades to 3 bottlenecks on SH-1 and the traffic will cruise off into the future until the oil runs out, on that note we reached peak oil in 2006 and that figure is from International reports, to sustain the oil we need now and into the future, 4 oil fields the size of Saudi Arabia have to be discovered NOW!

The specifically anti-expressway people were mainly first-time standing, single issue candidates,Eastern Health focussed on the expressway. History shows that single issue candidates rarely do well, and neither do first-time candidates. Also, Kapiti elected a mayor who was explicitly against the expressway. You might want to rethink that position.

The protest is nothing to do with people losing their homes. Its about a road that is uneconomic, oversized and unecessary and had a better alternative almost ready to go until Steven Joyce and the National Party came in with the expressway they need for their trucking cronies.

– The Dominion Post

A Link Road that served local needs AND was paid for 90% by the government was a ntasy. It was never going to be approved because local roads need 50% local funding, not 10%. And if the Labour candidate is promising to fund this non State Highway project 100%, that is blatant pork barrel politics – there will 100 other local road projects around the country demanding the same treatment.

Expressway to cut through Maori land

The route also slices off the eastern corner of sacred Maori land at Waikanae, which includes an urupa. Tony Ropata and his whanau are joint shareholders in a one-hectare block of land leading to the sacred ground.

wellington hRoad opponents plan protest march,Opponents of the Kapiti expressway are taking their fight to Parliament, saying they will not stand by and watch their community be torn apart.

And @kapiti coaster – the National candidate is also saying the Government will fund the Expressway 100%, as well as the adjustments to SH1 (e.g. Elizabeth St) before handing it over to KCDC. If Labour cant find the money, how will National? Try to keep your political prejudices out of this discussion, please.

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More than 100 residents went to a hui at Whakarongotai Marae in Waikanae on Saturday, and speakers made it clear the Transport Agency had a fight on its hands.

True that the existing SH1 is overengineered for a local road. However it will cost a lot less to maintain when a fraction of the current traffic is using it, and KCDC will be getting it for free.

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Anti-expressway lobby groups, affected homeowners and residents, appalled the expressway was going to ram through the heart of the coastal district, are planning to march on Parliament in July.

Mr Ropata said he found out the mily block was needed when he saw an article in The Dominion Post about Graces plight. We have been totally blind-sided. None of us have been contacted at all. He was getting hold of relatives in Australia and throughout New Zealand who jointly owned the land, to decide what action to take.

There is also a protest march up here in Auckland on Saturday regarding an Auckland Rail Tunnel that needs to be built, and to critise the governments road builing plan aka the RoNS!!!

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Good on you guys keep up the good work, show the useless council and government where to stick it!!!!!!! I spent some of my late childhood in Kapiti 4 years.

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Loretta Pomare, a member of Opposition group Save Kapiti, said the roading plan was diabolical and would slice through the heart of the community. People are pretty upset about it … this is the beginning of the fight, really.

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As for the 2008 election – the Roads of National Significance were never mentioned before the election, so that ballot cannot be taken as a mandate to undertake them and subvert democratic process to do so. As for the candidates for the KCDC who were explicitly against the expressway, it is true that they didnt get elected, but dont forget that there were 35 candidates for 10 council seats, so quite a lot of people did not get elected. they cant all have been anti-expressway, can they? If they were, that would indicate a mighty interesting percentage split…

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SH1 and the Railway are about as r west as you want to come. The base of the foothills is reasonably solid, in comparison with the seaward parts of Waikanae and Paraparaumu.

The final route for the McKays to Peka Peka expressway was revealed last week, and would involve the demolition of 43 homes and affect a further 33 properties.

Interesting discussion. Two issues Id like to comment on are the Link Road and democratic decision-.

Thres a principle here that some seem to want to ignore. If you have a local road that serves local needs, you cant expect the rest of NZ to pay for all of it. So roughly 50% needs to come from ratepayers. All those pushing for the pipe dream of the WLR are actually campaigning for a massive increase in rates to pay for those local benefits.

@ Kapiti Coaster The WLR was supported by NZTA and funded 95% actually (check their website it is clearly there from 2008/2009) because it was seen as fixing the problems on SH-1 by removing the bulk of the traffic and was by r a better and cheaper option, KCDC had spent millions on design and investigation for the route to produce a solution for NZTA they were clapping their hands in glee until Joyce who ran the election campaign funded by The Transport Industry for National had to in his words "Fix the Infrastructure of Roads, and I am not interested in Trains" had to scratch his mates backs. Thats why trains have never ever been considered for freight even though we already have an underused Railway Line, he now has to honour his pledge and put more and larger trucks on Roads which you will have to compete with when you are driving your little car !

The block of land in Te Moana Rd, Waikanae, was co-owned by relative and writer Patricia Grace, who also owns the neighbouring property. Grace is considering taking the matter to the Maori Land Court.

@Paul 15 "It is apparently not a matter to four-lane the existing road − whether it is to be called an Expressway or simply a Highway. It is old, and built over sand and peat."

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Lovely L 20 Yes you are absolutely right. When the plan for the Western Link Road was a 4-lane arterial (i.e. 80km/hr) road that would have had a significant effect on SH1, and Transfund was prepared to go well above 50% funding.

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Rephrased, the principle is you cant have it both ways. If a project is going to be funded out of State Highway money, it needs to benefit the SH network. If a community wants a road to serve local needs, thats fine, as long as they contribute appropriately to the funding.

So we should build a new road over even more peat and sand? The Western Link Road runs through the sandhills of Kapiti and will have to deal with even more technical issues than the current state highway. NZTA staff have admitted at the expos and meetings weve had that they have no idea how they are going to do this or what to do about rainwater run-off. North of the Waikanae river, the ground is half a grade above bog. The water table is very high, and there are multiple swamps and wetlands. The peat under my house is fully 10 metres and probably more. We got a stable foundation for a domestic house at that point, but geologists tell me there are multiple layers of gravel and peat (from different floods – it is a flood plain after all) and we would have to go much further down to find a base that can support something like an expressway. Even the Western Link Road was not going to be easy to build.

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You and @kapiti coaster are trying to reduce this to a political spat – its not. Its the lives of 40,000 people who will be affected by this.

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