Volunteering opens doors for Whitehorse residents?eastern heal

&8220;People say &8216;How do you get a job&8217;, I say just do volunteer work,&8221; she said.

She said the development of the portal provided an opportunity for WCHS, and all organisations employing volunteers, to be more pro-active in terms of recruiting volunteers and sharing information about volunteering.

Sara Yim helps Chinese people access services at Box Hills Whitehorse Community Health Service. ANGIE BASDEKIS N50WH500

The community health service is helping boost volunteering in the east through the State Government&8217;s Volunteer Portal project.

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It&8217;s an online resource for Victorian volunteers and organisations that work with volunteers.

&8220;It&8217;s a good experience.&8221;eastern health job postings

Ms Yim, who migrated to Australia from Hong Kong, has been a Chinese community access volunteer with Whitehorse Community Health Service.

She helped organise a successful Chinese Community Open Day this year and promotes the organisation&8217;s services.

Project officer Jane Bartley said the service had received a grant to provide community health services in the eastern metropolitan reVolunteering opens doors for Whitehorse residents?eastern healgion with information and training in the portal.

Details: volunteer.vic.gov.au or Whitehorse Community Health Service, Level 2/43 Carrington Rd, Box Hill. Phone 9890 2220.

Ms Yim said it was also a great opportunity to help others as well as meet new people. &8220;It&8217;s very rewarding, you&8217;re not just getting money to pay your bills,&8221; she said.

Ms Yim has volunteered at several health organisations, including Box Hill&8217;s Whitehorse Community Health Service and said it had helped her change careers.

The Balwyn resident previously worked in childcare but said after studying health care she had gained valuable experience by volunteering and now had two jobs in the field.

Volunteering opens doors for Whitehorse residents?eastern heal,VOLUNTEERING is a great way to get your foot in the door, gain experience and open up job opportunities, says eastern suburbs volunteer Sara Yim.

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