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They claimed compensation in the Johannesburg High Court for damages caused by what they claimed was the Post Offices fraudulent tender process.

Diseased meat death

A hospital in Ncgobo, Eastern Cape, will receive R47-million to upgrade its cilities, the provincial Department of Health said yesterday.

vacancies eaLoocal News Briefs,This followed the courts granting of a settlement order to the board and Constantia on April 20 following an investigation of "alleged improprieties" at Constantia. – Sapa

"He was declared dead at the Makhotyane Clinic, in Libode, yesterday after eating the [meat] on Sunday afternoon," spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said.

They were partially successful, but the court granted both parties leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Bias judgment today

A teenage boy has died after eating the meat of a cow that died at his village of Mthombetsipsa, in Eastern Cape, the provincial health department said yesterday.

"We have more people who are being transported to the clinic for stabilisation … we will investigate the cause," said Kupelo. – Sapa

About 40 villagers arrived at the clinic with symptoms including diarrhoea, severe stomach cramps and headaches.

Zumas magic wand

The higher court vacancies eaLoocal News Briefsheld in vour of the Post Office. – Sapa

The applicants, Brian de Lacy and Barry Beadon, unvacancies eastern cape department of healthsuccessfully tendered for the supply of a pension payments system to the Post Office.

The Estate Agency Afirs Board will apply for an interdict against Constantia Sectional Title Management in the Johannesburg High Court today.

The Constitutional Court will deliver judgment today on an application for direct access to the court concerning an allegation of bias against some judges of the Supreme Court of Appeal.

"The money was prompted by complaints from traditional leaders to President Jacob Zuma about the dilapidated infrastructure," the department said. – Sapa

He based his statement on the fourth quarterly report of the Gauteng Finance Department. – Sapa

"The total underspend in all departments would have been much higher than R1.5-billion, but was partly offset by overspending elsewhere, including R615-million overspent on compensation of employees in education, and R1.3-billion extra spent on hospitals and clinics," DA Gauteng caucus leader Jack Bloom said.

The Gauteng government iled to spend R1.5-billion in the 2010-2011 financial year, the DA claimed yesterday.

R1.5bn underspent

"He and other villagers found the dead cow in their kraal and decided to eat it … without knowing what caused its death."

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