The Mornington Centre/peninsula he

The Mornington Centre/peninsula he,As a cility for Promoting Health Independence, the focus of the Mornington Centre is to assist patients to maximise their abilities and plan for the future.

The Mornington Centre provides a full range of specialist medical, nursing and allied health services. On admission patients are assessed by our clinical team and undertake an individualised therapy program. Patients are mostly older people with complex or multiple health care conditions associated with ageing, memory and thinking problems, chronic illness or disability. The average length of stay for patients is 3-4 weeks.

The Mornington Centre offers patient-centred care and mily members are welcome to visit at any time that is suitable for the patient. PatientsThe Mornington Centre/peninsula he who are in Rehabilitation or Evaluation and Management usually attend therapy during the day (8.30am &8211; 3.30pm). Family members are encouraged to discuss with the teapeninsula healthm their participation in the therapy program.  This should be done prior to attending during therapy times. Note that the Mornington Centre has &8216;protected meal times&8217;, and visitors are not generally allowed in the dining room.

The Mornington Centre is a purpose built 60 bed Geriatric Evaluation and Management cility.

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