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itinerant, you are correct, except that the LCBO is run by the government and they would never get themselves into trouble.

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The government will never be able to stop the contreband cigarettes from reaching the hands of people who wish to smoke, how long has the government been trying to stop this smuggling!!!! as for drinking alcohol, I believe that there is a very high percentage of young people who are drinking. People will do whatever it takes to smoke and drink if they want to..I stand by my opinion, but I also respect yours…..

has it occurred to anyone to ask the question How does Automatic Prohibition of legal tobacco sales contribute to young people not smoking? Do you think young people stop smoking because their corner store doesnt have tobacco?

Same rules should apply.

I agree with the LCBO scenario – BUT THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR EMPLOYEES ACTIONS. If you want to make a comparison that I believe most are aware of just refer to OHSA to see responsibilities of owner/employer are and consequences.

rkake, The government is preventing minors from smoking – In a much stricter sense than they are preventing minors from drinking alcohol. Unfortunately this is true only for areas where the government has control. If reserves are selling to minors or contribaned is being sold in the school yard then further preventative measures should be taken to prevent these access points. Reputable small business owners are not furnishing tobacco to minors.

A prohibition is a harsh punishment, but would merchants be complaining any less over a substantial cash fine? Not likely. Undercover buyers are no less legal than undercover agents used in prostitution or drug stings. The reaction here suggests that many dont feel underage smoking to be all that much of a concern. And that merchants at the end of the deastern ontario health unit cornwallay still care mainly about their welre and not that of their customers. That is the really sad part of the story.

Stores, chamber demand change/eastern onta,If a person buys liquor from the LCBO and is a minor, what happens to the store that sells the liquor.

Mark Anthony you state that the government is preventing underage smoking in our communities, what a load of crap, do you really believe what you have stated, do you need glasses, just look outside of the local high schools,shopping centers, Tim Hortons kids are smoking all over the place and dont tell me that they are smoking the legal brands either.

Then we have the baiting program, Is it legal to bait a person into comitting a crime or misleading them into aid crime. She sold cigarettes, was Stores, chamber demand change/eastern ontathere a recording of the transaction that can verify the person purchasing the smokes was using due dilligence?

Auggie, the point here is selling tobacco to minors has a significant fine – Worse than any other age restricted product. Furthermore, the Health Promotion minister has approved the regulations as effective. Though their methodology involves entrapment of small business owners, the government is preventing underage smoking in our communities.

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