south easterWillow Grove Giant Super Food Store hosts Childhood Obesity Conference

&13;Her group promotes healthy lifestyles and disease prevention especially among vulnerable populations such as low income milies, the elderly, and the infirm.

Decrease sodium, saturated ts, trans ts, limit cholesterol, reduce intake of calories from solid ts and added sugars, and decrease amount of refined grains, such as white bread.

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&13;We encourage healthy eating habits … by following the MyPyramid guidelines incorporating dairy, meat, grain, fruits and vegetables, the six food groups, into every meal we serve, she said in a Giant press release.

&13;They are!

&13;Five milies participated in the pilot program.

&13;Panel member David Piccoli, MD, chief of the division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), does cutting-edge research on childhood obesity at the hospital.

&13;Moylan was impressed, especially when VanDruff told the audience that the Upper Moreland School District has its own garden of fresh fruits and vegetables.

&13;Grove spoke about HPCs accomplishments. The nonprofit offers low-income milies throughout Philadelphia increased access to fresh produce, plus nutrition classes. The goal is to encourage kids and their milies to enjoy more fresh fruits and vegetables.

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&13;Were all working together as a team, said Mary Ann Moylan, in-store nutritionist.

&13;Healthy lifestyles begin at home, said Piccoli. Children very often follow the patterns set by their parents.

Eat a variety of protein, not just meat. Protein foods include poultry, fish, nuts and seeds, and beans. Some healthy beans, Moylan said, are black beans, garbanzos, cannelloni and pinto beans.

&13;We offer a variety of nutrition classes, including our Passport to Nutrition program, the first among grocery chains, she said.

&13;And how about good old physical activity? The prescription calls for at least an hour a day, she said.

&13;Moylan, the in-store nutritionist, informed the audience of 40 about Giants endeavors to help combat childhood obesity.

&13;No child should experience ailments that could be prevented by appropriate care, said panel member Susan Kassutto, M.D., a pediatrician with Abington Memorial Hospital.


&13;Moylan herself is a walker. After a south eastern area health servicebusy day at work, she and her husband will walk around their neighborhood in the Lehigh Valley.

From left: Susan Kassutto, MD, pediatrician at Abington Memorial Hospital; Cynthia Dawso-VanDruff, director of food service in the Upper Moreland School District; Mary Ann Moylan, in-store nutritionist at Giant; Sarah Glunz, Giant nutritionist and panel moderator; David Piccoli, MD, physician/researcher at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia; Courtney Grove, program coordinator at Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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&13;The price is easy on the pocketbook: $20 per session, which includes a shopping tour. When you pay, you receive a Giant gift card for $20.

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&13;Moylan recounted the alarming statistics of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity affects approximately 12.5 million children ages 2 to 19, or 17 percent of the population, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

&13;Moylan called the Summit a great success. Shes been at the store since its inception, driving in every day from the Allentown area. Its not unusual to see nutrition interns working with her. Shes a born teacher.

&13;Topics include portion control, and incorporating more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy snacks.

&13;The school district has also begun limiting sugar-sweetened beverages and other high t and high sugar snacks … while increasing the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables available, said VanDruff.

&13;As a registered dietician, she is licensed under the American Dietetic Association. The association follows guidelines from the US Department of Agriculture, which are updated every five years.

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&13;I take clients around and shop with them, going aisle to aisle, she said. (See photos.)

&13;New guidelines came out in January of this year, but are known as the 2010 USDA guidelines. Many changes were incorporated into the American diet, she said.

&13;Moylan is available for individual consultations to help customers eat well-balanced meals. She is a certified diabetes specialist and weight-management specialist. Her clients come in for refresher courses and stay in close touch with her.

Giants Passport for Nutrition Program stresses not only healthy eatingsuch as drinking four glasses of water per daybut also healthy living.

&13;Were always looking for more milies, she said.

&13;Special features include a roomy coffeeshop with fireplace on the ground floor, classrooms on the second floor where area groups hold meetings, a cooking school with seating for 28, and an in-store nutritionist who helps clients design meal plans to control their weight.

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&13;Notable among them:

&13;Looking toward the wider community in Philadelphia, the Summit hosted Courtney Grove of the Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania (HPC).

Increase high fiber and whole grains (Half our grains should be whole grains.), increase intake of fruits and vegetables, increase low-t dairy products, eat seafood twice a week.

&13;On May 17, shoppers were greeted by the panel discussio,n which was set up in the Produce Department. A cavalcade of leaders in the field discussed what they were doing to combat the growing epidemic of childhood obesity.

&13;Although children eat most of their meals at home, they also eat in their school cafeterias. Panel member Cynthia Dawso-VanDruff, director of food service in the Upper Moreland School District, is charged with sure their meals are healthy.

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&13;Screen time, noted Moylan, should be limited to two hours a day. That includes TV and video games.

When the Willow Grove Giant Super Food Store opened its doors in 2008 in the renovated Home Depot, 315 York Road, shoppers noticed immediately it was not your ordinary supermarket.

Leaders in the field spoke on May 17 on the epidemic that affects 17 percent of our children.

Soon the symbol of the two-decades-old food pyramid will be replaced. The Obama administration has come up with an easier-to-grasp symbol: a plate filled with food and the proper portions of the six food groups. Read more about it in this NY Times article:

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&13;Numerous classes are offered in the Events Calendar, available when you enter the store. Simply call Moylan at 215-784-1960.

&13;Headquartered in Carlisle, PA, Giant Food Stores and its creative team came up with the idea for their Willow Grove store to host a Childhood Obesity Summit, said Christopher Brand, community and public relations manager.

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