south easterFemale doctors brawl at Prince of Wales Hospital

Dr Samaraweera declined to comment while Dr Fredericks said that she was keen to move on.

Commissioner Elizabeth Bishop said Dr Fredericks was struck in the arm when she tried to defend herself from being hit in the head with the tray. Both women suffered bruising and cuts.

Despite the evidence, Dr Samaraweera claimed she had a calm and placid nature and deserved her job back.

Dr Fredericks and some of her colleagues had taken issue with the "allocation of work" to Dr Samaraweera.

south easterFemale doctors brawl at Prince of Wales Hospital,Pathologist Dr Ushma Samaraweera was sacked over the fight at Prince of Wales Hospital during which she called fellow doctor Sue Fredericks a "f … ing ".

A GRUDGE turned into an all-out brawl when a female doctor punched and struck a colleague in the head with a tray at one of Sydney&039;s major hospitals.

She also found Dr Samaraweera had an over-sensitive nature and was thin-skinned.

The fight occurred outside the offices of other doctors who heard the two women screaming at each other.

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Ms Bishop accepted Dr Fredericks version of the fight and said it was more likely that Dr Samaraweera had "snapped" in response to what she thought was a deliberate bump.

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Dr Samaraweera denied taking a run up.

Tensions between the two women had been simmering for more than a year over work loads and they were not on speaking terms when they bumped intsouth easterFemale doctors brawl at Prince of Wales Hospitalo each other in the pathology unit.

The commission heard that there was an "initial bump", which was most likely accidental, but sparked the brawl.

"I am happy with the result. It was a stressful time and Id like to put it behind me," Dr Fredericks said.

Dr Samaraweera claimed Dr Fredericks started the fight and had thrown the punches.

The South East Sydney Illawarra Area Health Services Professional Practice Unit investigated the fight and recommended Dr Samaraweera be dismissed in February 2010.

Dr Fredericks had resigned from the hospital a week before the dust-up and now works for a private pathology practice.

The punch-up was detailed in the Industrial Relations Commission where Dr Samaraweera alleged she was unirly dismisouth eastern sydney illawarra area health servicessed. She iled to win her job back.

Despite her 17cm height disadvantage, Dr Samaraweera used a "cricket bowl action" as she broke a document tray while trying to hit Dr Fredericks in the head, the commission heard.

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Dr Samaraweera also punched Dr Fredericks several times during the fight.

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