Public health: Rabid skunks found in eastern Pinal/health easte

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In response, Pinal County has issued an advisory to residents to get vaccinated against the potentially deadly disease.

While human exposures to rabid animals are rare, mily pets are more often exposed to wild animals, including wild animals that are rabid. Pets should be vaccinated against rabies. The vaccine is available at veterinary offices or through county animal care and control.

Although this situation may paint an amusing picture, the outcome is r from amusing, said Pinal County public health director Tom Schryer in a press release. The gentleman will have to undergo a series of vaccinations to prevent the rabies infection and, if he cannot prove that his mily pets are current on their vaccinations, they will be quarantined or euthanized.

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The skunk marks the fourth rabid skunk found in the eastern region of the county since January. Rabid skunks have been found in Oracle, Kearny and Mammoth in the past few months.

Contact Pinal County Animal Care and Control for more information concerning rabies vaccination for pets and vaccination clinic times and locations at (520) 509-3555 or toll free at (888) 431-1311.

We never want to take a mily pet away from the home, but we are left with no choice if there is a chance it could develop rabies and spread it to other animals or even people. Rabies is basicalPublic health: Rabid skunks found in eastern Pinal/health eastely 100 percent tal once symptoms appear and that is a risk we cannot afford to take with people’s lives. A shot would both prevent rabies in your pet and keep us from having to euthanize animals that are exposed, Schryer said in the release.

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A man in the Mammoth-San Manuel area was attacked on Wednesday by a skunk that later tested positive fohealth easternr rabies.

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Public health: Rabid skunks found in eastern Pinal/health easte,The skunk entered the man’s home through the dog door and scratched him while he was sleeping. The man got the skunk outside and killed it with a shovel.

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