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Though they overspent on staff, the nine health departments together left a quarter of the capital budget unused.

Limpopo, North West and the Western Cape spent more than 90% of their capital budgets for healthcare.

Forget the "blacks only" employment policy and get some competent people employed once and for all. No matter what their race is, best person for the job will get you the best results.

Also not surprising that the provinces with the highest ANC support are the worst performing.

Only Income TAXPAYERS should be allowed to vote.

hill billy youve got Bulls Eye there buddy! Its frightening that we constantly have salary overruns, but the measly 25bn allocated to infrastrProvinces spend more on salaries_department oucture cant be spent??? Only 7.7% of provincial budgets are geared towards infrastructure improvement – this is why SANRAL now has around 20,000km of roads under management where a decade ago it was less than 10,000 – and all because provinces are unable to maintain the roads that are their jurisdiction. So SANRAL then borrows money on open capital markets to upgrade and maintain these roads and repays it through toll systems. Why? Because so much of the provinical budget is being spent on salaries!

Openly giving us the finger again and so soon after the elections. Tuck away the promidepartment of health eastern cape provinceses till the next election and its back to the status quo.

The Treasury report highlighted the programme to upgrade existing hospitals as one of the most disappointing projects.

This is absurd!

Five provinces – Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Northern Cape and North West – spent more than they were allocated for personnel costs, with Gauteng paying out 112.2% of its staff budget for health services.

Reading between the lines…we are paying a lot of people to do very little.

Seems this is the ANC way of running things and fits the perception of iled cadre deployment, rampant corruption and lack of service delivery.

The Eastern Cape performed most poorly on capital spending with more than a third of its R3.5-billion allocation unspent at the end of the year.

The best province is the one who spent the most?

Some people are just too dumb to be allowed to vote.

Mind you, outperforming the ANC is easy peasy.

Provinces spend more on salaries_department o,The National Treasury said in a data release yesterday that the nine provinces had together spent a total of 97.3% of their combined R330.9-billion budget by the end of the 2010/11 financial year.

The salary component is way overboard anyway, and measuring the success in terms of money spent by provinces is a recipe for fraud, corruption and plain waste, as we keep seeing all over SA.

Provinces overspent on salaries in the financial year

Keep back personnel salaries until capital projects have reached specific stages.

The Eastern Cape performed even more poorly on education cilities, spending just 44% of its capital budget while it managed to overrun on the personnel budget for education.

No one in government buying depts. has a clue about concepts like honesty, efficiency, productiviy and thriftiness.

The right to overspend while they under-perform !

Overall, the nine provinces iled to use R2-billion of the R25.4-billion allocated for improvements in infrastructure.

Does anyone remember that this is taxpayers money being dished out here?

Limpopo performed best overall, spending its full R41.2-billion allocation and KwaZulu-Natal was last, leaving 5% of its overall budget unspent.

Provinces overspent on salaries in the financial year to March, but managed to use only 84% of the money allocated for capital projects.

The Western Cape came closest to using all the funding for infrastructure, with just 2% unspent by year end. Limpopo and North West also used more than 90% of their capital budgets.

Paying ANC cadres NOT to do their job. Why am I not surprised.

Zumas idea of heaven in the anc !

Is it my imagination, but it seems that the worst performing provinces are those run by the ANC. Still cant get it right after 17years. DA gets it right a lot ster.

So why doesnt Treasury release the money in stages? Like a building project where money is only paid on completion of specific work?

Overall, the Eastern Cape managed to spend just over half (55.1%) of its total R1.34-billion allocation for capital spending on health, which amounted to just 5.5% of total spending on health. Gauteng also left more than a third of its capital budget for health services unused.

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