private healAudit commission questions Cebu health funds

Under Ramas EO 10-01, beneficiaries need to present a voters identification, doctors certificate from a health center or the city hospital, a certificate from the barangay captain, a certificate of eligibility and a sworn certification from the City Legal Office that he or she does not have any private health insurance.

Cabrera noted seven major deficiencies.

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private healAudit commission questions Cebu health funds,State Auditor Eva Cabrera called the attention of the city accountant to the P2.23 million worth of medicines doled out by Pro-Poor Pharmaceutical through the City Assistance for Medicines Program or Camp, now called the City Hospitalization Assistance and Medicines Program (Champ).

Camp was conceptualized by then mayor now Rep. Tomas Osmeña, along with Daluz, in October 2009. Created through Executive Order 09-104, it was then under the Department of Social Welre Services (DSWS).

One of the deficiencies is the ilure to attach variousprivate healAudit commission questions Cebu health funds documents, including the memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Pro-Poor Pharmaceutical.

Councilor Jose Daluz III, an adviser of Camp, said in an interview that there was no MOA because beneficiaries are supposed to choose any pharmacy in Cebu City, not just Pro-Poor.

Daluz admitted there are procedures that need to be improved in giving away the medicines.

All other errors could very well be because of the voluminous documents processed every day, Yso added. (Sun.Star Cebu)

Cabrera also said EO 09-104 covers less privileged individuals or milies but from the documents accompanying the claim, it seems that there were beneficiaries who cant be strictly classified as less privileged.

He explained that the program is a form of assistance but only two pharmacies, including Pro-Poor, accept a guarantee from the government.

COA also stated that beneficiaries were not properly identified because of incomplete addresses or the lack of middle initials,Eastern Health but Yso explained the beneficiaries can be verified through the voters registration and barangay endorsement.

The claimants could have returned the wrong items and be replaced at that point when these medicines were given or even after, because they have their copy of the prescriptions with the listing of what they have received, Ysos explanation read.

Sun.Star Cebu acquired a copy of the COA suspension and it was for Camp, and not the newly created Champ.

Still, there were seven beneficiaries who admitted to COA that the signatures on the document were not theirs; six of them said they do not live in the barangays indicated in the documents; and two did not get the kind of medicine indicated.

He said he received a verbal notice from City Accountant Marietta Gumia about the COAs suspension of the payment for Pro-Poor Pharmaceutical. Sanchez, though, did not receive an order from COA to answer its questions.

CEBU CITY — The Commission on Audit (COA) Cebu City suspended payment to a pharmacy that dispenses medicine as part of a program of the Cebu City Government.

Pro-poor explained that some medicines vary because of different preparations or different strengths or even different brand names.

Daluz said the program was initiated to complement the national program Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations (AICS).

This is a new program so the procedures can be enhanced, said Daluz.

It carried the explanations of Daluz, Pro-Poor and DSWS Chief Catherine Yso.

The pharmacy also stated in its reply that the receipt did not reflect the specifications of the medicines.

Ysos answer read, The program has considered that times of illness always put even those with stable jobs in a crisis situation, them deserving of Citys assistance.

Osmeñas executive order also limited the assistance to P3,000, but Yso said the limit is only for outright cash.

COA cited one example where a beneficiary did not acknowledge receipt of the medicine but Daluz, in his written explanation, said that the standard procedure is that the beneficiary private health fundsmust sign a document where the total cost of medicines released is indicated, cilitated by a Cebu City staff.

When Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama sat as chief executive starting July 2010, he penned EO 10-01, which separated the program from DSWS. He called it Champ. It was expanded to include a coverage of P25,000 in hospitalization assistance in a year.

He gave a verbal explanation to COA that he will attach the necessary documents of beneficiaries who availed of the medical assistance.

Since Champ was created, a maximum of P5,000 can be availed of for medicines and P25,000 for hospitalization.

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Henry Sanchez is now the head of Champ.

It is the pharmacy that prepares the cash slips or official receipt, which does not bear the signature of the recipient.

Yso attributed this to human error.

In a random sampling that COA conducted on seven kinds of drugs, it found prices to differ by as much as two-fold.

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