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In 1793, Washington was inaugurated for his second term and in Chapel Hill the cornerstone was laid for Old East, the first building on a state university campus.

She was a militant atheist who vored abortion rights and thought Ronald Reagan typified the worst kind of conservatism. Ayn Rand may sound like someone tea partyers and other conservatives would detest. In ct, they have been filling theaters to cheer a movie based on her novel Atlas Shrugged.

In 1795, the university opened and several years later had the first graduates at any state university in the nation

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It is almost clockwork: As a new presidential cycle winds around, the early primary state of South Carolina provides a defining issue for Americans and candidates to chew over.

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CHAPEL HILL — The University of North Carolina is unique in that its establishment paralleled our nations founding: On July 4, 1776, our nation declared its independence, while later that year our states first constitution called for the promotion of all useful learning in one or more Universities.

For the states citizens and our political leaders this is not a question of which university athletic team or political party we support. Rather it is a question of whether all North Carolinians are willing to share in short-term sacrifices to preserve a university system of inestimable value to our state and its future. If we refuse to use the best combination of therapies available today, our children and their children for years to come will justly condemn us for our lack of vision at a critical time in our history.

Memo to Democratic senators eager to vote themselves campaign subsidies in the name of combating corruption: You really should not cloak your self-serving crusade in a claim that could be called intellectual corruption.

Within the next few years, Oregon Inlet will likely be permanently closed except to the smallest of recreational boats. Trawlers will have to use university health systems of eastern carolinaHatteras or Ocracoke inlets or perhaps move to Norfolk, Va.

But Venable would not be surprised to find today some who are willing to sacrifice the university system for short-term gains.

In August 1969, soon after he became chief justice of the Supreme Court, Warren E. Burger said The courts of this country need management, which busy and overworked judges, with drastically incPreserving our chief strength and glory/university hreased caseloads, cannot give.

Preserving our chief strength and glory/university h,In 1789, the state joined in ratifying the federal Constitution, George Washington was elected the first president and UNC was chartered.

The University of North Carolina is unique in that its establishment paralleled our nations founding: On July 4, 1776, our nation declared its independence, while later that year our states first constitution called for the promotion of all useful learning in one or more Universities.

President Barack Obama insists that protecting civilians is the only military objective in Libya and air power is the only means we will use to achieve it. But the Libyan governments attacks on civilians continue, and air power alone will not stop them.

A fundamental change in the values practiced in Washington, D.C., is more essential than any particular budget plan or tax reform package, if the United States is ever going to get its out-of-control finances under control.

If Venable could visit today he would be astonished with the transformation in his state since 1900. An inward-looking, segregated society dependent on agriculture and low-tech industries has been replaced by a vibrant diversified society with an innovative global economy. He could take pride in seeing how graduates and culty from the states universities had joined other public-spirited citizens in great movements to provide good schools, good roads, good health, renowned research universities, outstanding public university medical centers at Chapel Hill and Greenville, the incomparable Research Triangle Park and global industries including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

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In the bleak 1930s, UNC President Frank Porter Graham reminded us that decisions made during a depression are a real test of our values and that depressions are temporary while education permanently determines our future.

In 1900, UNC President Francis Venable said The University of a State, when it truly fulfills its duty, should be its chief strength and glory, a light for the people… It moulds the leaders of the people… Great movements for the bettering of the condition of the people… spring from it.

As he warned in 1900: The founders of this State in their sturdy independence and r-seeing wisdom…while the struggle for freedom was still upon them, provided for the establishment of this University – the chief safeguard of their children against the loss of those liberties for which they fought…The citizens of this State cannot afford to have this University narrowed down to the political platform of any one party, to the creed of a single sect, to the economic belief of any individual philanthropist. Parties, churches, philanthropists, all can centre their efforts here and unite in the of a great people…but the people must control.

In recent years the university system has diligently responded to major appropriation cuts by improving efficiency and eliminating redundancies. Today, however, the system is comparable to a patient who is dealing with a life-threatening illness. We would not think of referring such a patient to a physician whose only therapeutic tool is the long-discredited technique of bloodletting. Therapies we must be willing to use to halt the continuing hemorrhage of the lifeblood of the university system include small temporary tax increases.

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