newfoundlandHSC smoking patrol a waste: union

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All executive team members and managers within Eastern Health are required to ensure that all policies of the organization are adhered to by employees. Eastern Healths smoke free policy is no different, she wrote.

The authority recently tightened its rules on smoking on all its premises, including outdoor areas and parking lots.

Carol Furlong, president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees, said Eastern Health has r better things to worry about.

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While we believe the majority of ournewfoundland eastern health employees are complying with this policy, we also know there are employees who are not particularly at the Health Sciences Centre. In an effort to ensure compliance, all managers including executive team members who work at the Health Science Centre are participating in an enforcement effort on a rotational basis as a reminder of the importance of this policy.

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Im really amazed that there are people working in the field of health care who have time on their hands to go patrolling around [such] an area.

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Weve got problems with health care that are r greater than trying to find out whos out in a parking lot, in their own car, smoking.

Theres something dramatically wrong with senior management at Eastern Health if this is their priority, she told the St. Johns Morning Show.

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This is a case of Nero fiddling while Rome was burning, she said.

Furlong, though, noted that the HSC grounds are extensive and that patrolling them would be an inefficient and unproductive use of managers time.

Eastern Health declined a CBC request for an interview, although communications official Jackie OBrien said in an email that the authority was taking its policy on smoking seriously.

An Ontario man reported as missing Sunday was found alive by police shortly after noon Tuesday in an abandoned building on Torbay Road in St. Johns. more

newfoundlandHSC smoking patrol a waste: union,Eastern Health confirmed that managers at the Health Sciences Centre in St. Johns are routinely walking outside the building to determine whether employees are smoking in breach of the smoke-free policy. NAPE president Carol Furlong: This is a case of Nero fiddling while Rome was burning.

Managers at the Health Sciences Centre will be patrolling the hospitals grounds to ensure employees are respecting a smoke-free policy. A union leader said Monday she was shocked to learn that managers at Newfoundland and Labradors largest hospital are patrolling parking lots to prevent employees from smoking.

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