New ces for LHIN/south easter

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We get the conservativdes elected in this area and toss Leona out and the LHIN can get a ride out of town with her !

New ces for LHIN/south easter,Prior to the LHINs, all of the planning, funding, contract negotiations, financial oversight etc. etc. was done by the regional office of the Ministry of Health, with the District Health Council doing the long range planning. These two groupNew ces for LHIN/south easters were shut down and replaced by the LHINs, who are now dsouth eastern health boardoing all of these functions and more. My question is, who is going to do all of this essential work if the LHINs are shut down? Answer: the Ministry of Health will have to hire the same people to do all of this work. Yes, there were significant one time costs to set up these organizations, but these costs are now in the past. The Conservatives have some valid ideas, but if they get rid of the LHINs, the work will still have to be done by someone.

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