Modern surgical techniques outlined at Laparoscopic Seminar_eastern regi

Modern surgical techniques outlined at Laparoscopic Seminar_eastern regi,Laparoscopic surgery is a modern surgical technique in which operations in the abdomen are performed through small incisions, as compared to the larger incisions needed in other surgeries.

Among the topics discussed at the seminar were: the role of the nurse in laparoscopy; general versus local anaesthesia in diagnostic laparoscopy; endoscopic diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal malignancies; laparoscopyeastern regional integrated health authority in general surgery/urology; laparoscopy in gynaecology; and laparoscopic surgery at the Annotto Bay Hospital.

Observing that the information provided during the event will go a r way in enhancing the delivery of health care in the north eastern region and in the wider society, he said the provision of the highest quality of health care remains the ultimate objective of the operation of the public health sector.

Addressing the opening of the seminar Eastern Health, Chairman of the North Eastern Regional Health Authority (NERHA), Wesley Davis, underscored the advantages of laparoscopic surgery to the patient in comparison to other surgical procedures, and commended the organisers for sponsoring the seminar.

PORT ANTONIO — The topic of laparoscopic surgery was extensively discussed at the seventh Laparoscopic Seminar, held at the Robins Bay Hotel in St. Mary, on May 29.

He also noted that the Annotto Bay Hospital had challenges to overcome, but these will not deter the institution’s staff from providing the high quality service for which they have become mous.

Hosted by the Annotto Bay Hospital, in collaboration with the Jamaica Awareness Association of California, the seminar was attended by health professionals assigned to health care institutions in Portland, St. Mary and St. Ann.

Mr. Davis praised the hospital and the Jamaica Awareness Association of California for the partnership they have formed in promoting health care in the country, adding that such co-operation will help to ensure that Jamaica keeps healthy.


Deputising for Minister of Health, Hon. Rudyard Spencer, Mr. Davis said the NERHA is confronted with a number of challenges in its quest to achieve that objective, including a shortage of doctors, pharmacists and midwives, and difficulty in securing adequate housing cilities for health professionals assigned to the Authority.

Also speaking at the seminar was President of the Jamaica Awareness Association of California, Yasmin Facey, who expressed her organisatiModern surgical techniques outlined at Laparoscopic Seminar_eastern region’s pleasure in working closely with the Annotto Bay Hospital to improve health care for Jamaicans.

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