“Let’s deliver change together” – Hudakeastern onta

As we relieve milies of tax burdens, we will restrain spending in a responsible way that protects health and education.

This is how this disaster started. The debt actually increased after the conservatives brought it in because they spent the money and didn&8217;t put it on the debt. And they also didn&8217;t create one new source of power for Ontario in the entire time they were in gov&8217;t. And this guy wants us to believe that his party has the magical answer on power.

All of your input has culminated in changebook &8211; our commitment to this province.

Almost the very first thing the McGuinty government did back in 2003 was hike the basic rate of corporate income tax. Can you imagine a more job-killing policy? I mean &8211; aside from all the other Dalton McGuinty job-killing policies?

I asked &8211; and you did.

If you run out of money, borrow more.

Under a Tim Hudak government, taxes will go down for Ontario milies.

If there is one thing that underlines everything wrong with the McGuinty government, it is the Debt Retirement Charge. The charge was imposed in 2002 to pay off Hydro&8217;s residual stranded debt. All of the debt principal was paid in full by 2010. But the charge was not removed! It was extended to 2018.

And whatever else you do, never ever stop believing in the great future of this beautiful province of Ontario and its compassionate, hard-working people.

james, way too much to comment on but one big comment stood out, on the debt retirement charge.

&8230;..All of the debt principal was paid in full by 2010. But the charge was not removed! &8230;&8230;

And you know how Dalton McGuinty plans to pay for all this secret spending? Of course you know. With another tax increase should he win the next election. In ct, the McGuinty team probably has their next round of tax increases planned already, they just won&8217;t tell you until after October 7.

We are the only party that can deliver this change.

And just to keep those tax-eating McGuinty raccoons from returning for more we will strengthen the Taxpayer Protection Act. We will make it the law that the provincial government cannot raise taxes without a clear mandate from the people. Dalton McGuinty would never do that. It&8217;s too embarrassing for a premier who broke his word twice. But I can. And I will.

Our Party has taken unprecedented efforts to reach out. We have heard from tens of thousands of Ontario Families through Have Your Say Ontario. Party members have shared their priorities with me and our caucus through Townhall Teleconferences and grassroots workshops.

Let me tell you about another conservative gov&8217;t.

A year ago we came together in Ottawa.

Unions spend more money on Ontario elections than any of our political parties, but with much less transparency. Which means that public-sector collective bargaining in Ontario often puts union leaders on one side of the table &8211; and politicians elected by union money on the other side. Who&8217;s looking out for the taxpayer? Dalton McGuinty can&8217;t do it. I can. I will.

I have the opposite point of view: a practical plan for Ontario milies.

We&8217;ll allow income-sharing, over $400 in tax relief for a two-income mily earning $70,000.

It won&8217;t be easy. I don&8217;t look forward to it. But it must be done &8211; and it can be done smart.

Hydro bills are already high enough.

Last week in the Toronto Star there was an article on the Federal Gov&8217;t. They are changes to coal plants, forcing a reduction in emissions by 15% or they plants will have to convert to natural gas. This sounds awfully miliar.

Last comment. He speaks of the North being ignored. Can anyone find me a mill town in Canada doing better than Thunder Bay. I will keep waiting. The north ignored under this gov&8217;t. Hogwash. As I keep saying no gov&8217;t has done more for the north than these guys. Still waiting for anyone to prove that statement wrong.

Everything is government&8217;s business, but nothing is ever governmeneastern ontario healtht&8217;s ult.

When things are going wrong, change them.

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Now decision day has almost arrived. We&8217;re counting down together. We will campaign together. We will win together. And together we will change this province &8211; and restore Ontario as the best place on this earth to live, start a business, and raise a mily.

If it&8217;s broken fix it.

Despite the McGuinty spending spree, Toronto has been rated as having the worst traffic in North America. Not in Canada. In North America. Ottawa drivers ce jams everyday where Highway 417 and the 174 converge. In northern Ontario, a single accident can snarl Highways 11 and 17 for hours.

Tim Hudak

A Tim Hudak government will restore the fundamental principle: one law for all. If you or I decided to open an illegal cigarette ctory in our backyards, we&8217;d have the OPP on us two hours later. But some lawbreakers are more equal than others in Dalton McGuinty&8217;s Ontario.

We will work with our teachers to create classrooms in which bullying is never tolerated &8211; and kids are free to go to school without fear.

And 131 days until we clean up the waste, the fraud, and the secret deals.

sorry James, I will leave some of other science fiction here for another day but sticking with hydro,

One of the usual issues with elections is a one.

We will honour and respect their work.

We will free teachers to teach &8211; give them more authority in their classrooms. We will end the pressure on them to inflate grades. And &8211; so kids can focus on learning we will give them power to ban cellphones from their classrooms.

I have to say to the people of Ontario: there&8217;s no point getting mad at Dalton. Any more than you get mad at raccoons for knocking over the trash cans if you don&8217;t secure the garbage. It&8217;s the raccoon&8217;s nature. It&8217;s what raccoons do. They can&8217;t help it. And of course the raccoons will do it again if they get the chance. Same with Dalton. He&8217;ll raise your taxes. He can&8217;t help it. It&8217;s what he does. And he&8217;ll do it again.

We will remove HST from home heating and hydro bills. And then we will remove the debt retirement charge, the DRC, from your Hydro bill.

Under Dalton McGuinty, Ontario has become a have-not province.

We will raise healthcare spending step-by-step over our years in government, with an extra $6 billion arriving each year-by-year four.

Excellent healthcare costs money. Ontarians pay the price and pay the price willingly. But we get mad when we are told to pay for fraud. It&8217;s against the law to lend your health card to a friend or relative from another province or another country. But we all know: it happens, and on a huge scale.

Our two Thunder Bay ridings have seen our two MPPs in action.

We need a new approach.

that would be an interesting read. I look forward to it.

What Ontario can live without, we will live without.

A political speech that needs to be taken with many grains of salt.

Friends, thank you.

We will end the Liberal indifference to victims of crime. Dalton McGuinty simply sat on the $31 million fund for victims of crime. A Conservative government will compensate victims with the money intended for them.

We won&8217;t be spending that money the way McGuinty did &8211; to hire Walt Disney world performers to entertain LHIN bureaucrats. In ct, we&8217;ll abolish the LHINs, which have wasted $300 million on unnecessary bureaucracy.

Under my leadership &8211; it will be gone.

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So across the country provinces with coal plants will have to deal with this issue. Ontario is already leaps and bounds ahead in moving the province forward with new power. It is not cheap, but the other provinces will soon find that out. Anyhow an interesting read by Mr. Hudak. The only thing he didn&8217;t tell us is how he is going to pay for it all. NO wait, effeciences will pay for it. Mike Harris talked about effeciences and I bought in to his program in 1995. Thousands of nurses were let go, welre recepients targeted, criminals were causing us all kinds of problems and once again this same record is playing.

Leader, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

We can. We will.


If it works, break it.

Dalton McGuinty won&8217;t do it.

You&8217;ve worked. You&8217;ve donated. You&8217;ve talked to your neighbors over the back fence. Or over the back nine. Or over the back forty.

For 8 years, Dalton McGuinty has governed Ontario by his unique ideology

I&8217;m a new dad who sits in traffic like everybody else. For me, traffic jams are personal. They are time stolen from my wife Debbie and our daughter Miller. And every dollar I spend on infrastructure, I&8217;ll spend with this focus: Will this money speed people ster on their way home? Will it move goods ster to create new jobs“Let’s deliver change together” – Hudakeastern onta?

Ontario has almost 630 different Agencies, Boards and Commissions. Every one of them will be reviewed to ensure they are providing good value. Our process will be straightforward. If it works, leave it alone. If it&8217;s broken, fix it. If it cannot justify its existence, it goes.

OTTAWA &8211; Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak gave the keynote speech at the party convention this evening in Ottawa.

Four months until we bring real relief to milies.

Seventeen weeks until we make government work for milies.

Let&8217;s deliver change together.

Under Dalton McGuinty, the total tax burden has climbed higher than the rest of Canada.

Meaning out of a $150 bill, if $60 of that was power, and it went up 10%, the bill is going up $6, not 15. In my opinion, this issue is way too complex for easy answers. People need to stop looking at their bill and crying and actually look in to this issue and see how complex and challenging it is. The conservatives and NDP will try and paint themselves as saviours of the taxpayer but they can&8217;t change the cost. So either pay it on your bill, or pay it on your taxes. It is going to get paid. Unfortunately, I think many voters in this town aren&8217;t savy enough to get it. I don&8217;t agree with everything the Liberals have done on power, but so r, especially after listening to the blatant vote getting ideas, it is clear the other parties don&8217;t have an answer that won&8217;t increase the hydro debt yet again. That&8217;s what happened the last time and led us in to this mess.

Beyond health and education, we will work to find 2% in responsible savings throughout the government. That&8217;s two cents on the dollar each year until we get this province&8217;s budget balanced again.

With Dalton McGuinty the precaution is basic: you put the tax money over here &8211; and you put Dalton over there. As r away as possible.

Dalton McGuinty can&8217;t do it.

But this government isn&8217;t even good at cover-ups anymore.

Right now, Dalton is on another of his spending sprees. Secret deals with unions to raise their pay &8211; and to deceive the people of this province just long enough, or so they hope, to snatch another term before the truth is exposed.

Under a Tim Hudak government, we&8217;ll protect people who play by the rules &8211; and restore one law for all the people of Ontario, no special vorites, no special deals.

In this northern nation, heat is not a luxury. In this industrial province, electricity powers our jobs. For Dalton McGuinty to hike the power bills of ordinary milies so that he can pay higher prices to special vorites &8211; it&8217;s a rip-off and it&8217;s wrong.

Can you imagine if a bank did this to you as a credit card customer? You&8217;ve paid off your balance &8211; congratulations &8211; but we&8217;re going to keep hitting you for interest payments anyway? They&8217;d go to jail. But in Dalton McGuinty&8217;s Ontario, it&8217;s just another experiment in creative revenue enhancement.

I will work with environmental advocates for a more beautiful and sustainable Ontario. But the environment must never become an excuse for squeezing hard-pressed milies &8211; or for cozy deals with voured government contractors.

While the conservatives were gov&8217;t, the debt increased. Why was that. They also hid some debt ( it is called stranded debt in the news reports I just read ) and this is going to be paid off as well.While this stuff was going on, Mr. Hudak was in cabinet with Mike Harris and now he wants to tell us he will fix this.

Friends, we will bring change to Ontario.

We will bring irness and democracy to our labour law. We will uphold the right to a secret ballot in certification votes. We will introduce pay cheque protection so union members are not forced to pay fees towards political causes they don&8217;t support.

What people don&8217;t think about is that we were paying this anyway. What McGunity did, in what I consider to be a really dumb political move was break it down so people could see it every day. He thought it would make people aware of past debt, more aware of the actual cost of power. Boy was he . The one benefit that I do see, is when people are talking about power costs going up, it is only on the power itself, not the distribution and debt charges.

We don&8217;t elect a new government, we throw the old one out when the people decide it is too out of touch, too arrogant, or too tired.

If it works, leave it alone.

One thing we will not doa Tim Hudak government will never dois implement a carbon tax.

If you are out of out money, stop spending.

Things I respect about Bill Mauro for example is that he stood up and fought for Atikokan and the power generation station in that community.

A year ago, I asked this party to get ready. I asked you to work like you&8217;ve never worked before. I asked you to take this party&8217;s message to places where it has not been heard in many years.

This ll, Ontario voters will get that decision placed in their hands.

First, these are the guys that brought it in, and these are the guys that allowed the debt to grow, the same guys ( conservatives ) who promised us cheap power if we would only break up Ontario hydro and let the market decide the price. Their iled private sector experiment was a disaster for Ontario. So they bring in this charge, don&8217;t use it to pay off the debt but instead spend it ( that was on this site ) and now Mr. Hudak wants us to believe his rumblings on electricity.

No matter what one might think of voters, at the end of the day, they are right.

Unless we take precautions.

We came together in our conviction to bring relief for hardworking Ontario milies.

We will lower taxes on middle class milies: 5% on the first $75,000 of taxable income. That&8217;s two hundred fifty-eight dollars in tax relief for a person earning $70,000.

Under Dalton McGuinty, the unemployment rate is higher than the Canadian average.

I would like to see Michael Gravelle fight as hard for our city to gain the maximum economic benefit from the Ring of Fire. A speech given to the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce by the Ring of Fire Co-ordinator as reported in Northern Ontario Business seems to put the benefits to Sudbury.

We came together to start getting ready.

But his line from above

We&8217;re going to cancel Dalton McGuinty&8217;s sneaky eco taxes. These taxes do not improve the environment. They just add to the mily burden. Ontarians already pay high electricity prices. They do not need to pay an extra tax on a laptop or an Xbox.

We&8217;ll cut the basic business tax rate to 10%.

is this bookkeeping, Hudak style. DEBT PRINCIPLE . Is there no interest on debt. Is the gov&8217;t not responsible for paying interest charges or do we just get money free.

Ontario eagerly welcomes visitors and tourists. But if you are coming to Ontario to help yourself to free healthcare with a ke or forged or stolen ID &8211; as r as I&8217;m concerned, the only part of Ontario you should see is the inside of a prison cell.

As a former Atikokan lady, I agree with your assessment about the coal plants and Mr. Mauro including the T.Bay cility also saved.

A Tim Hudak government will crack down on healthcare fraud. We will require that everyone present photo ID if they have the old red-and-white health card.

In the years when the Ontario economy was expanding, the McGuinty government made the wrong choices. The McGuinty government chose gimmicks over growth, indulgence over responsibility. Over a decade where the private sector has struggled to grow at all, Dalton McGuinty has inflated Ontario&8217;s government by 77%.


We say it&8217;s time for change. Change that gives milies the relief they need &8230; the hope they deserve &8230; and the time together they cherish.

Let&8217;s win together.

If it&8217;s broken, hide it.

I ask the parents in this room: Do you have the time to enjoy your milies? Or do you find you are working harder and harder &8211; under more and more stress &8211; with nothing to show for it after you have paid your taxes?

For Minister Gravelle, I believe that Ring of Fire will represent his political legacy. I am hoping he doesn&8217;t see that as being in Sudbury.

The McGuinty government seems to want to turn Northern Ontario into a museum or theme park: banning development, killing potential jobs. I see the North not just as scenery to look at, but as a place for milies to live, to work, and to achieve their dreams.

We will institute wait-time guarantees for emergency room care &8211; and hold hospital CEOs accountable for meeting those guarantees.

We will double the caregiver tax credit. That&8217;s compassion and it&8217;s the relief milies taking care of growing children and aging parents need.

I have contacted his office and asked for a copy of the speech given in Sudbury and will run it in its entirety once it is here.

Hardworking Ontario milies don&8217;t need new energy taxes. Bills are too high already.

I ask the people of GTA: Did you ever imagine you&8217;d hear about home invasions and gangland killings in the place you call home?

Respect working people. Support milies. Create opportunity. Restore hope.

“Let’s deliver change together” – Hudakeastern onta,Here is the text of Mr. Hudak&8217;s remarks:

I ask the people of eastern Ontario: Who allowed your beautiful border country to become a global center for smuggling and criminal enterprise?

Lawbreakers will use their time in provincial prison to repay society: picking up litter, raking leaves. I&8217;d especially like to see prisoners using mop and pail to clean up the graffiti that deces our cities &8211; and that threatens law-abiding citizens with the message -Gangs rule here, and there&8217;s nothing the authorities can do. If you entrust me with the government of Ontario, those who fight the law will find, -the law won.

Under a Tim Hudak government, health and education will be protected, but wasteful gimmicks will be junked.

We will shrink Dalton McGuinty&8217;s bloated public sector and bring public-sector salaries into line with private-sector realities. I believe in paying public servants what is ir. But I also believe in taxing Ontarians no more than is ir.

And we came together to get behind a single idea: change.

Under Dalton McGuinty, this great province is headed down the wrong track.

Those are the choices: more ilure under McGuinty or more hope under Hudak; more waste under McGuinty or more jobs under Hudak; more taxes under McGuinty or more take-home pay for Ontario milies under Hudak.

Education spending will rise too, each and every year of our mandate, with a $2 billion increase in year four.

And again and again: Dalton McGuinty raised taxes. He raised taxes even after he signed a pledge not to raise taxes: With Dalton, put it in writing isn&8217;t a protection. It&8217;s a temptation.

That is why we will end the $7 billion sweetheart Samsung deal that is driving up our hydro bills.

Let&8217;s work hard together.

Under Dalton McGuinty, the economic performance of Ontario has been among the worst of any Canadian province.

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