Kidney pulling ears hearing protection

Old people yang languishing, particularly in the head, and the external environment as the most contact, so many diseases are from the “head” occurs. So the elderly should pay special attention to maintaining the health of the head.


“Hair, blood shoot it.” Head of hair often beneficial for blood circulation, increased hair nutrition. Usually should eat more food iron. In addition, the elderly relative reduction in sebum secretion, do not wash your hair too often, otherwise the moisture and dry the hair loss, scaling, itching occurs. Usually 1 or 2 times a week to wash the can, and should not make too much alkaline soap.


Often rub face with both hands, can promote blood circulation, increase the body’s resistance. Early in the evening every day the best hands and rub the surface with time, so persistent, you can reduce facial wrinkles, prevention of influenza.


Nose with both hands, thumbs massage every day, twice a day, each about 50 times, perseverance, can prevent a cold. Even a cold, the extent, light.


To maintain the vitality of the eye, the ancients long ago to “eye should be normal operation” to the one used for the health, it is only “eyes closed” is not enough, should adhere to the exercise of conscious vision. “Normal operation projects should be” and “Movement”, the simplest is to the left and right eye, up and down rotation, adhere to the blink of an eye, can delay vision loss. Second, in the room can be watched at 4 meters corner of the window blinking, repeated several times; can gaze far away in the outdoor, there is the destination of a scene observed.


The ancients have long attention to ear function. Every day around the head with his left hand, hold the right ear and pulling the body 14, and then pulling the same way with the right hand under the left ear of 14, morning and evening. Also hand their ears, to reverse the head 35 times, can be scattered wind evil; followed by 2 acupressure middle finger, shells hit behind the right and left of the bomb 24 times, to go head dim. Hand massage when you can sit helix, with the index finger and thumb stick ear, the outer layer, the relative kneading, over time, can kidney qi, keep listening, and increase the freezing capacity.


Old weak digestion, to protect the teeth, brush your teeth once a day, morning and evening. In addition, knocking down gear 15 times a day or so, also, as the traditional palate with the tongue licking swallowing saliva and other methods may be appropriate to use, not only can enhance the digestive function, but also aging.

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