Kennedy updates progress on Cameron report?eastern heal

Two years after the report of the Cameron Inquiry, Health Minister Jerome Kennedy said today it has made significant progress on the 60 recommendations of the report.

The province has spent more than $26 million on the recommendations.

• The cancer care program must develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure treating physicians receive all information concerning their patients in order to ensure timely and safe patient care.

Eastern Health CEO Vickie Kaminski thanked employees of Eastern Health for their diligence, but the report also affected the other health authorities, as they were involved in collecting breast tissue samples and have been tasked with improvements.

• Each regional health authority should develop a written protocol for mandatory continuing education for pathologists and oncologists in accordance with the requirements of the region.

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• Staff in the laboratory is in constant flux, which is counterproductive to a motivated, highly skilled, and productive technologist wKennedy updates progress on Cameron report?eastern healork forceastern health authoritye. Eastern Health needs a succession plan implemented to minimize future attrition problems.

• All other regional health authorities should implement a similar electronic occurrence reporting system to one started by Eastern Health.

• The Evidence Act relating to access to peer review and quality assurance reports be re-evaluated.

• Requiring each regional health authority to obtain a licence in order to operate a laboratory. It is further recommended that as a condition of licensure, each regional health authority must participate in a recognized accreditation program for laboratories.

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The inquiry examined a scandal in which more than breast cancer patients received the wrong results from the General Hospital from hormone receptor tests, which determine treatment.

Member organizations should be non-profit in nature, and promote legal activities. Any organization found promoting illegal activities or commercial products or services will be deleted from the site.

• All immunohistochemistry and histology laboratory technologists should be required to complete mandatory continuing education each year.

• The Department of Health and Community Services should conduct a province-wide assessment of the information management needs of the regional health authorities.

• Information collected by regional health authorities relating to quality control and quality assurance within their laboratories be used appropriately to take corrective actions to prevent occurrences from happening. This information should be kept in electronic format.

Between 1997 and 2005, 425 breast cancer patients received the wrong results from the immunhistochemistry lab. revelation of the errors rocked Eastern Health in 2005 and Justice Margaret Cameron heard evidence in 2008, delivering her report in 2009.

• Data from the ER/PR re-testing review, including any subsequent reviews carried out pursuant to these recommendations, be collected and analyzed.

• Each regional health authority is responsible for the maintenance of a record-keeping system which enables responsible physicians to easily access and search all information required for safe and timely patient care.

• Acting on a 2008 report on deficiencies by two experts who examined labs around the province.

From the start of this process, we have been fully aware of our responsibility when it comes to restoring ith and confidence in our health care system, Kennedy said.

I believe we have made great strides in restoring public confidence With nearly 92 per cent of the recommendations complete or nearing completion, I believe our commitment to enhancing cancer care in the province is fully illustrated. While we recognize that the work surrounding some of Justice Camerons recommendations will be forever ongoing, such as continuing education of medical professionals, we are fully committed to continuing to enhance our health care system.

• Legislation currently being developed for licensing and regulation of medical laboratory technologists be completed as soon as is practicable.

Some of the recommendations required legislative changes.

Kennedy updates progress on Cameron report?eastern heal,Kennedy said 43 of the recommendations are complete and a further 12 nearing completion.

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Among the recommendations listed as partially or substantially complete:

• A province-wide electronic medical record system must be developed and implemented, including support for all regions and positions to have appropriate access to the system.

• The Department of Health and Community Services and the regional health authorities should work together to explore alternative means of providing pathology services within the province and assistance to pathologists in their practice. A program be implemented to provide pathologists who work alone with a means for receiving feedback, advice, and interaction from colleagues.

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