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The medical center also hopes to work more closely with the community to determine its needs, he added.

Morgan said that Betts decision to leave was due, in part, to theeastern health center hospitals new post-bankruptcy goals.

Following a restructuring of the company, the Johnson Memorial Medical Center now encompasses Johnson Memorial Hospital, Evergreen Health Care Center and Home & Community Health Services.

Peter and the team that he brought with him did a wonderful job, but its a different job now, said Morgan. The hospital is trying to grow. &8230; Its a different focus. In some respects, bankruptcy is about tearing things apart, the next step is rebuilding.

But despite saying that Johnson Memorial couldnt survive long-term without a merger, the company emerged from bankrupcy as an independent organization in 2010.

A specialist in business turnarounds and restructuring, Betts was initially hired as a consultant after the medical center recorded a $14.7 million loss for fiscal year 2007. When Johnson Memorial filed for bankruptcy in 2008, many worried that the hospital might be in danger of closing, especially after a deal to merge with Eastern Connecticut Health Network fell through.

Peter J. Betts, thJohnson Memorial Medical Center?eastern heale chief operating officer of Johnson Memorial Medical Center, resigned Friday, abouty six months after he was appointed to the position. Chief Operating Officer David Morgan has been appointed interim CEO.

health care reform, because as a stand-alone, we wont be able to get there.

Peter assembled an excellent executive team, but we have reached a point where there are differences in opinion among the executive team as to the implementation of the plan, he said in a prepared statement.

Johnson Memorial Medical Center?eastern heal,Betts came to the hospital as a consultant in 2007, then served for several years as interim CEO before being appointed permanently in October 2010, after the medical center emerged from bankruptcy.

Morgan said that Betts has agreed to remain available to advise the new leadership. The companys top priority now, Morgan said, is to build an affiliation with a larger hospital system that will help Johnson Memorial make the changes mandated by national

Gary J. Roman, chairman of the hospitals board of directors, attributed Betts departure to a disagreement with senior management over how the hospitals strategic plan should be carried out.

Betts could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

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