jobs with eaJapan Apr Jobless Rate Rises to 4.7%; Data Ex-Quake Area

On an unadjusted basis, the number of employed people fell by 70,000 to 59.94 million in April compared to a year earlier, marking the first year-on-year rise in two months, after lling 130,000 in March.

TOKYO (MNI) – Japans unemployment rate — national figures minus the three prefectures hardest hit by the March 11 disaster — stood at 4.7% in April, up from a two-year low of 4.6% in March, as job losses continued for the second straight month, data from the Ministry of Internal Afirs and Communications showed on Tuesday.

The number of those who lost their jobs and were looking for work: April -180,000 y/y at 820,000 vs. March -270,000.

Separately, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welre said that the ratio of job offers to job seekers at government placement offices stood at a seasonally adjusted 0.61 in March, down from 0.63 in March (meaning there were 61 job offers for every 100 people looking for work).

For the time being, the government will release only national data minus the three prefectures from the monthly Labour Force survey.

In April, the number of payroll jobs fell a seasonally adjusted 140,000 month-on-month, or 0.2%, to 59.69 million, the second consecutive m/m drop, after plunging 460,000 m/m in March.

Economists have warned that the jobless rate will move higher in coming months because of the adverse economic impact caused by the March 11 disaster, which has wrecked numerous production cilities and disrupted distribution networks in the Tohoku area, as well as temporarily causing acute power supply shortages in eastern Japan.

The number of unemployed rose by a seasonally adjusted 20,000 in April from the previous month, or 0.7%, to 2.92 million, also the second consecutive m/m rise, after rising 10,000 in March.

Meanwhile, job creation continued to be led by medical, health care and welre, education, learning support, manucturing as well as personal and amusement services.

Looking at the longer-term trend, the unadjusted number of jobless workers was down by 300,000 in April from a year earlier at 3.09 million, marking the 11th consecutive year-on-year decline, after lling 260,000 in March.

Job losses remained largely in construction, information and communications, transport and postal activities, as well as accommodations, eating and drinking services.

The number of people who quit their job voluntarily to look for other openings: April -10,000 y/y at 970,000 million vs. March +30,000.

jobs with eaJapan Apr Jobless Rate Rises to 4.7%; Data Ex-Quake Area,The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for April matched the median forecast in an MNI survey of economists. Market News International Tokyo Newsroom: 81-3-5403-4833

For April, the worst job losses were seen in wholesale and retail trade, which had created jobs until March.

The government has said that it is compiling employment and unemployment data for April and onward without records from the Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, the hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami that wrecked the northeastern Pacificjobs with eaJapan Apr Jobless Rate Rises to 4.7%; Data Ex-Quake Area coast.

Other details of the report follow: The number of workers who retired or whose contracts expired: April -30,000 y/y at 390,000 vs. March +20,000.

The unemploymenjobs with eastern healtht rate of 4.6% in February and March was the lowest level since 4.5% marked in February 2009. The data showed that Japans labor market had been improving steadily, at least until March 11.

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