jobs with eaBusiness Leaders Say State Not Really Open For Business

&13;Today Sjobs with eaBusiness Leaders Say State Not Really Open For Businessam Colts ctory town is destined to become a national historic site celebrating past productivity. And so the elegant brick building, topped with a cobalt onion dome, cast a shadow over the Capitol during last weeks Connecticuts Manucturing and Technology Day.

&13;Seriously were just driving people away. Its difficult for young milies to live here, said Banishch.

&13;Many prospective companies dont like the states high health care costs and permitting process. Others worry about the paid sick leave legislation. The states high-energy costs rankles others, he said.

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&13;Who creates the jobs? Everybody knows that small business creates jobs, Saint said. You want stability? Its the little guys like us who do it. Were the last ones to lay people off. If you want long term jobs you need to stimulate small business.

&13;Were not here because we like doing business in Connecticut, Saint said. Were here because its a highly skilled workforce and we have loyal, wonderful people here. So Ive got to make do.

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worst in the country for state and local tax competitiveness.

&13;Ernst & Young LLP recently ranked Connecticut as 13

&13;General Dynamics/Electric Boat expects to hire a few hundred engineers in the coming months, said Robert A. Hamilton, director of communications. The new hires will occupy property that Pfizer recently vacated.

&13;Still, Gioia said Connecticuts manucturing hasnt been entirely gutted.

&13;Frantz, who sits on the Commerce Committee, said everything from onerous regulations to high income and corporate taxes mean one thing: Connecticut really is not open for business.

&13;Connecticut has 4,826 manucturing establishments, according to the US Census Bureau. Its top five exporting areas are transportation equipment, industrial machinery, bricated metal, electronic equipment chemicals and food products according to national association of manucturers.

&13;And so businesses continue to decamp. Pfizers recently announced 1,100 layoffs from it Groton campus. Hamilton Sundstrand of Windsor Locks sent more than 200 union workers packing.

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&13;Manucturing is vital to the states economic health because each new manucturing job creates between 1.9 and 4 other new jobs, according to CBIA.

&13;According to the state Department of Labor April saw 7,900 new jobs. Of these, 3,800 are in health services followed by 3,700 in trade, transportation, and utilities. Leisure and hospitality accounts for 2,200 jobs; construction and financial for 1,100.

&13;For example the proposed budget will raise the top income tax rate to 6.5 percent. That affects companies like Schwerdtle, which are classified as sub-S corporations becjobs with eastern healthause they file their income through personal income tax.

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&13;During his inaugural speech Gov. Dannel P. Malloy proclaimed the state open for business and introduced his First Five initiative that would give tax credits to the first five businesses that create 200 new full-time jobs in next two years.

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&13;These measures make it hard to reinvest or to hire new employees, Saint said.

&13;I dont think it has one at all. Its sad and pathetic, said state Sen. L. Scott Frantz, a Republican who represents New Canaan, Stamford, and Greenwich in the 25

&13;Number one its the overall cost of doing business here and Im not sure the politicians on the whole get it, Gioia said. Connecticut is an extremely costly place to do business. A much more comprehensive effort is needed to deal with the totality of doing business here.

&13;I liked well enough his experience in Stamford, Saint said of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. He was always fighting for jobs. He campaigned for jobs, jobs, jobs. But now it seems he is talking but he isnt listening.

&13;Connecticut has lost more than 1,000 firms in the last 20 years. The number of manucturing jobs declined from 300,000 to about 170,00, said Pete Gioia, a vice president and economist for theConnecticut Business and Industry Association, CBIA.

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&13;But the combined forces of a recession, Malloys proposed budget, and the Senates vote to pass the nations first mandated paid sick leave pose great challenges, Saint said.

&13;I think the legislature will have to completely change its attitude about business, said Eileen Banishch, the executive director of Madisons chamber of commerce. The attitude is that it just seems to be anti-business.

&13;The nearly 40 exhibitors gathered under the Rotunda reminded legislators the state needs manucturing jobs. Yet, many businesses and legislators said the state lacks a coherent business plan.

&13;That worries Katherine A. Saint, president of the Bridgeport-based Schwerdtle Stamp Co. The 132-year-old company employs 24 people from several locales including Greenwich, Fairfield, Shelton and Naugatuck.

&13;Sheridan said New London County has many businesses tucked away such as software development and research firms.

Senate District.

&13;Its a multiceted problem where taxes tell only part of the story, Gioia said.

&13;Banishch agreed, despite of the states convenient proximity to Boston and New York.

&13;But other manucturers remain, including Fairfield-based Bigelow Tea; Groton-based General Dynamics/Electric Boat; West Havens The Lighting Quotient; and South Norwalks Penmar Industries Inc.

&13;However, keeping these jobs here isnt easy.

&13;True Sturm, Ruger, the firearms company, only maintains corporate headquarters in Southport. And the Norwich-based Smith and Wesson left long ago as did the New Haven-based Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

jobs with eaBusiness Leaders Say State Not Really Open For Business,The worlds largest armory once sat alongside the Connecticut River and produced 1,000 arms a day.

&13;We do have space available but if you want to open a business, and youre looking at all the different states, Connecticuts not where you going to come, she said.

&13;We have lost our ir share of pure manucturing but there have been certain modern developments that have taken place (in the area), said Tony Sheridan, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut.

&13;Connecticut has a high standard of living and strong environmental laws that in part cause the cost of living to be higher here and the cost of business, said Sheridan. On the same token, we want the clean air and we want the clean water.

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