Houston Today – Better site for recruiting set up, Northern Health says/northern hea

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Houston Today – Better site for recruiting set up, Northern Health says/northern hea,Recruitment for all of their communities has always been a top priority of Northern Healths, communications director Steve Raper said, who was excited to see the website go live last week as its been in development for about six months.

Theyve amalgamated their general and physician recruitment sites into one careers.northernhealth.ca to provide a one-stop shop for doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals.

The website is, as most online mediums, a continual work in progress, Raper said, constantly updated. Facebook and Twitter are also being used to increase the size of the audience theyre reaching.

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In the meantime, working with the physicians in the neighbouring communities they have been able to fill that gap in service, however it is only a short-term solution, he said.

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There is a lot of work going into finding a long-term solution for that role, Raper said.

Its definitely on the top of our radar, Raper said. Were working hard to promote that position.

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Its not a replacement, not everybody uses it, but its a very powerful tool, but its one more tool in the tool kit that provides another opportunity to raise the likelihood of recruiting these type of people to our communities, Raper said.

Physicians, Raper noted, dont work for NH; instead, theyre more contract based, operating mily practices of their own. The new website, he said, is designed to highlight the benefits of the communities they serve, such as the recreation opportunities, to attract physicians to the community.

Northern Health unveiled a new website designed to improve their recruitment strategies last week.

Recruitment has been going very well in the past few years, but there are always challenges to overcome, he said, such as the situation in Houston, where theres been a general practitioner vacancy since Dr. Peter Morry moved in March.

Traditional recruitment means include recruitment irs and advertisements placed in professional publications.

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Raper hopes the new website will address this challenge, as well as the one ced by Burns Lake and other rural communities, by interesting physicians and other healthcare practitioners.

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The key element of the rebranded site is two new avatars that will be the ce of recruitment efforts, specifically targeted at new graduates.

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Theyve spent a lot of time working with communities as well, Raper said, to put it all together to create an attractive package to recruit physicians, as well as the nurses and other Northern Health positions.

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Its part of our strategy to attract that younger market, the ones that are still in university or who are just graduating, Raper said. Were trying to be a little fresher, a little edgier, tell people that are interested in working for Northern Health and in the north that were a different kind of health authority and that we think theres lots of opportunity to challenge themselves.

Northern Health will be in town for a Mens Health commuHouston Today – Better site for recruiting set up, Northern Health says/northern heanity consultation on May 31.

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