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Hospital wait longest – Local News – News – Health – The Advertiser/latrobe heal,What a lame excuse regarding service.18 months wait just to have my knee looked at just to be looked at.A joke or what

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No state government can really be proud of their so called achievements with health services. But just keep in mind which party had been in power for many years up to the recent state election. Then there is the blame game, of federal government not providing the states with sufficient funding. There is a huge challenge for the new state government. They cannot wave a magic wand and fix overnight. Not even their predecessors could manage that!

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EMERGENCY patients at Bendigo Hospital wait longer than any others in regional Victoria to be transferred from an ambulance into the hospital, state government figures reveal.Bendigo Health chief executive officer John Mulder said the situation was unlikely to improve significantly before the new hospital opened in 2016. Bendigo Hospitlatrobe healthal emergency patients waited an average of 27 minutes to be admitted to the hospital after arriving in an ambulance in the months between July and December last year. The practice is known as ambulance ramping.Bendigos result equals the state average for the 24 major hospitals included in the data, but is worse than the times for West Gippsland Health Care and Ballarat Hospital (12 minutes each), Latrobe Health Care and Goulburn Valley Hospital (13 minutes each) and Geelong Hospital (17 minutes).It took 30 minutes or more to admit 52 per cent of Bendigos patients arriving by ambulance. Eight per cent were admitted in more than an hour, and one per cent were admitted in more than two hours.Mr Mulder said staff were waiting for the new $630 million hospital building to overcome sHospital wait longest – Local News – News – Health – The Advertiser/latrobe healignificant shortcomings with the existing cilities.He said the new hospital would be 60 per cent larger and would have more beds, theatres and emergency department cubicles.Managing patient access will be an ongoing challenge up until 2016 when this new capacity comes online. Ambulance ramping times remain a key component of that access challenge, he said. We are not happy with our present performance in this area and have several process redesign initiatives in place aiming to improve performance and free ambulance crews to respond to other calls.However, we are unlikely to be industry leaders until we have comparable capacity to Victorias other major regional health services. Ambulance Employees Australia secretary Steve McGhie said ramping was a perennial issue in Bendigo.Its been our position for some time that Bendigo has a busy catchment area with a growing population and needs more hospital beds, he said. A new hospital were told will be bigger and provide modern cilities with more beds and hopefully more staff will help.

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