High incidence of cardiovascular diseases caused by smoking

Smoking has become the alternative to high cholesterol for cardiovascular disease, “One killer “, young people work pressure, eating habits confusion, lack of exercise at home, house, then led to the phenomenon of disease emergence of a younger age.

According to Beijing 1984 to 1999, fifteen years time survey, period of myocardial infarction mortality in the general population increased by 48%, of which 30 to 45-year-old male population as high risk, an increase of 112%. “This period is just the beginning of reform and opening up, the current situation will only become more serious. ”

High incidence of cardiovascular diseases caused by smoking the primary factor 2 to 4 cigarettes smoked than never smokers, 50% higher probability of suffering from myocardial infarction, smoking 20 to 40 increased the probability of the risk of heart attack 8 times, “never Smoking population live on average ten years than the smokers, smoking cessation rate of myocardial infarction within one year can be reduced about 30%. ”

In addition to control smoking outside experts also said that bad habits and lack of exercise also contributed to the high incidence of cardiovascular disease, an important reason. Many young people are now advocating “home home”concept, shopping movies available through online shopping and even take-away meals can also be considered, greatly reducing the normal exercise time.

“to promote health, it is best to have 100 minutes a day, 100 steps per minute, frequency of walking, or available 15 minutes 30 minutes brisk walking or running to replace. ” long-term can greatly reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, but it must be five days a week Perseverance, do not usually do not exercise, to the large number of runaway campaign through the weekend to replace, but is not effective.

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