health serviBeehive sharpens knives for more public sector cuts

&8220;What we do know about this exercise is jobs will go and money will be freed up,&8221; says Mr Ryall.

Agencies like ALAC, the Mental Health Commission and the Charities Commission New Zealand will be merged with other departments.

The Government is also setting up a new committee of ministers and public service bosses to look at further cuts across the state sector. It seems few departments and agencies are safe.

With more to come the PSA says the National Party has broken a promise to cap, not cut, the public service.

The Government wants to save $health services career1 billion over four years.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority and the Education Review Office will be merged.

2000 public service jobs have been slashed under this Government.

To start with, five crown agencies will be disestablished along with three tribunals.

Overall about $20 million is said to be saved health serviBeehive sharpens knives for more public sector cutsand up to 100 jobs are expected to be axed.

Public Service Association Secretary Richard Wagstaff says he is concerned hundreds if not thousands of members will be made redundant.

State Services Minister Tony Ryall said they &8220;havent got a specific number of job losses that have been indicated but there will be fewer positions available in these agencies&8221;.

&8220;We had a promise they would maintain the public service and public servants and thats been broken,&8221; says Mr Wagstaff.

But this does not appear the main concern for the state services minister.

The Government has revealed more details about its plans to cut costs in the public service.

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health serviBeehive sharpens knives for more public sector cuts,Departments and agencies will be merged and up to 100 staff are likely to lose their jobs.

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By Duncan Garner

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