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Driving the economy: PACCAR Australia managing director Joe Rizzo with Wayne Swan at Kenworth yesterday. PACCAR makes Kenworth trucks in Australia.

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TREASURER Wayne Swan and Mental Health Minister Mark Butler made flying visits to Knox this week to promote the federal budget.Visiting Bayswaters Kenworth truck plant yesterday, Mr Swan spoke about the strength of the local manucturing industry.Kenworth is a great example of a local company products that are highly competitive in the market, he said. Mr Swan said the budget included measures to ensure manucturing stayed strong in Knox and around the country.During a visit to Scoresbys Greater Eastern Primary Health on Monday, Mr Butler spoke to doctors, nurses and staff to explain what the governments $2.2 billion mental health boost meant for grassroots cilities.The package includes an investment of $205 million for a major expansion of the Access to Allied Psychologicagreater eastSwan flies in with budget – Local News – News – General – Knox Weeklyl Services program, which Mr Butler said would give more people the care and support they needed. This will mean that more people who are diagnosed with mental illness will be able to gain the services they need in local communities like this one – at low to no cost, he said.Mr Butler praised the Scoresby centre for its work. We need more organisations like this one which are innovative and reaching out to the community. Its been ntastic to talk to them. Outer suburban areas like this one have traditionally struggled to get the same level of service that is available in the inner city. One of the things we really focused on in last weeks budget was to even that ledger.Greater Eastern Primary Health chairwoman Wendy Bissinger was pleased to have the opportunity to speak with Mr Butler. It was good to sit down and have our concerns heard, she said.Dr Bissinger said the increased funding for mental health would be a big boost for her centre and the community. One of the most important things is the funding going towards the ATAPS program. We would like that to remaingreater eastern primary health a focus of even more funding, because it is so vital for patients, but I understand and accept the ministers explanation for why it cant get more.What this means is patients now have better access to psychiatric services. Well also be able to keep developing initiatives to help both children and adults tackle mental health issues.

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