eastern ontaCOFFEE BREAK: The smoke cops gotcha game

jesus Claude you really need to start actual paragraphs. This is not professional journalism, its difficult to read and looks very amateur.

how about catching the smokers in commercial vehicles and at the adesa auction this is typical government work the easy way

Agreed! I think its an anti-smoking/secret wannabe police group in sheeps clothing. They are harassing local store Owners to deter them from selling smokes ALTHOGETHER. Its not a public safety blitz, its an attack on our freedom of choice. I dont even smoke and I dont like the antis entrapmentseastern ontaCOFFEE BREAK: The smoke cops gotcha game. Leave them aloneeastern ontario health unit!! Young people are adults at 18, they can vote, go to war for us but cant buy a pack of smokes if they want or chose? Gimme a break Health Unit! Go away!

eastern ontaCOFFEE BREAK: The smoke cops gotcha game,And theyre not trying to give the LCBO fines considering the LCBO is run by the government. Its not really hard to grasp.

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Of course retailers should make every attempt to avoid selling to minors, but theyre not responsible for other peoples children. Thats the parents again pushing their responsibility on others.

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