eastern ontaA $33,000 pay increase sure beats buying lottery tickets

This is Good,thats my morning chuckle.

No one is begrudging Dr. Paul for his hard work and education. He deserve a decent salary but he should have had the same as the rest of us taking a wage freeze. My water tax went up 2.6%, gas went up 10 cent more a litre, food increased etc…and no wage increase not even cost of living.

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Unfortunately, rather than get informed about the issues, most people will vote for the guy who has the most signs, concluding that hes who everyone else is voting for so I should too.

Joke is that Canada developed a great trade relationship with China when Ed was trade minister because the Chinese thought they were dealing with a Mr. Lum Lee.

eastern ontaA $33,000 pay increase sure beats buying lottery tickets,Wahhhhh. Dont like it? Go back to school, work your butt off studying, and after eight to eleven years and hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt, you too can earn eastern ontario health unita decent living as a doctor. Im just a little bit tired of hearing the lazy masses, working part time at minimum wage jobs, complain about those of us who sacrificed years of living, fun, and mily to achieve our goals, while they sit back and about how theyve been cheated out of something.

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