eastern-niagNYSNA Charges Eastern Niagara Health With Unir Labor Practice

NYSNA currently insists the Eastern Niagara Health System live up to itscommitment. In recent years, many of itsRNs have forfeited their accrued holiday time because they either were unableto take the time off due to staffing needs or didnt realize they had the timeavailable. Creating such a bank would ensure the nurses could use their earnedtime, while providing the hospital with more lead time to prepare its staffingschedule accordingly, NYSNA officials said.

(NEWFANE) – RegisteredNurses (RNs) who work at Eastern Niagara Health Systems Newne site havefiled an Unir Labor Practice (ULP) charge against their employer, the NewYork State Nurses Association (NYSNA) announced today. The charge cites the health systems ilureto bargain in good ith for going back on its word concerning a contractproposal.

This dispute isnt about money, said NYSNA Labor RelationsRepresentative Gaen Hooley, an RN herself.Its about respect for the registered nurses of this hospital andrecognition of their contributions to the hospital and this community. Itsabout integrity and living up to your commitments.

NYSNA is the Voicefor Nursing in the Empire State. With more than 37,000 members, it is thestates largest Union and professionalassociation for registered nurses, and supports nurses and nursing practicethrough education, research, legislative advocacy and collective bargaining.

eastern-niagNYSNA Charges Eastern Niagara Health With Unir Labor Practice,The most recent contract covering the 50 NYSNeastern-niagNYSNA Charges Eastern Niagara Health With Unir Labor PracticeA-representedRNs nurses at the Niagara County health cilityexpired on August 31st, and there have been a total of 16 sessions sincenegotiations began in January.

During several of those sessions, Union representatives andmanagement officials discussed clarifying the contracts current provisions onholiday time. In April, it was agreed tocreate an ongoing holiday accrual bank, which would provide RNs someflexibility in using holiday time, while limiting the health systems financialliability. But NYSNA negotiators learnednear the end of a day-long session on August 26th that the Eastern NiagaraHealth System was not going to set up a time bank. Health system negotiators then pulled theproposal off the table, saying the system did not have the necessary softwareto track compensatory time, NYSNA officials said. However, the compensatory time bank contieastern-niagara-health.orgnuedto appear in the health systems proposals, NYSNA representatives added. While both sides worked late into the nightwith the help of a federal mediator to reach an agreement, none was reached.

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