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One of the largest insurance groups in the world has officially launched, on the 12th of May, its operations in Romania. Expected for nearly 10 years, AXA enters our country, with a dynamic strategy, built around the brand we are redefining standards, counting on life and health insurance.

An important component of the new strategy is developing a distribution model that is innovative for the Romanian market. Thus, the company is counting on opening, until the end of 2011, of 30 agencies aiming to redefine the standards.

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The ambition of AXA Lifeeastern lifeVIDEO Insurance Romania is to change words with deeds and promises with evidence. We are a dynamic ceastern life and healthompany and we will prove this, primarily by implementing a new business model in the life insurance market, said Violeta CIUREL, President and CEO, AXA Romania.

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eastern lifeVIDEO,Entering the Romanian market is a real challenge for AXA CEE. This is due to the very high growth potential of the life insurance market in Romania. Otherwise, without the presence in Romania, our strategy at CEE level could not be applied, said Cyrille of MONTGOLFIER, CEO of AXA for Central and Eastern Europe.

The objective with which AXA is entering the Romanian market is to be placed, in the following 5 years, in Top 3 life insurers by the new business volume.

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Worldwide, AXA Group has over 95 million customers in 60 countries. Group revenues at the end of 2010 amounted to EUR 90.9 billion.

Currently, AXAs offer, for both individuals and the corporate segment, includes personal protection products, savings for retirement or childrens education, as well as health insurance. In the near future, the company plans to launch a series of unit-linked products.

AXA has entered Romania through the acquisition of a small-sized life insurance company, OMNIASIG Life, transaction completed in mid 2010. Subsequently, the company management was entrusted to Violeta CIUREL, one of the most renowned and respected executives in the profile market.

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To achieve this, AXA relies on organic growth, the companys officials excluding, at least for now, possible acquisitions.

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