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Were waiting to see what happens on the retirement side,said Ratcliffe.

Physician recruitment is one of the many things we discussin this room, said Coun. Louis Antonakos. Were gaining more doctors thanwere losing. That is really good news to hear because it has been other wayfor a long time.

I am not here to push Ottawaor Carleton Placeor Pembroke over any other community, said Ratcliffe, a community partnershipco-ordinator with the Health Force Ontario Marketing and Recruitment Agency.If you and Almonte are looking for half a doctor, I say, Why not worktogether?

Ratcliffe stressed that his group, which works with theChamplain LHIN (Local Health Integration Network) in eastern Ontario is as independent as you can bewhen you are fully funded by the Ministry of Health.

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He reported that, in the past four years, Ontario has been able to attract more than400 physicians to the province. His group is currently helping more than 500physicians with licensing so that they can continue their careers here in Ontario and a further8,000 physicians have expressed an interest in moving here.

His group not only focuses on attracting physicians toOntario, but in helping prepare interested doctors for testing, immigration andeven helping find their spouse a job too, which can sometimes be a crucialdeal-breaker.

The economic situation has been much worse there than itwas here,Read On » said Ratcliffe.

These people are now coming out of residency and intopractice, said Ratcliffe.

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He added that, more often than not, doctors are looking forquality of life as opposed to more money.

But with the baby boomers nearing age 65, another drain onthe numbeeastern health recruitmentr of working doctors in Ontariolooms.

While attracting doctors is an important part of his job,retaining new Ontario-trained doctors is another side of Ratcliffes job. Theprovince is now helping see to it that recent medical school graduates aregiven seven months fulltime employment, so they arent lost to other provincesor the U.S.

Ratcliffe has different sources he draws on to bring doctorsto eastern Ontario.

We actively recruit physicians to the province from the U.S. and many of these people are repatriates,said Ratcliffe, noting that many doctors who left Ontarioin the 1980s and 90s because of salary caps are now returning from the U.S.

Doctor recruitment drive needs towns working together. Chris Farley Ratcliffe, a community partnership co-ordinator with the Health Force Ontario Marketing and Recruitment Agency, speaks before the Carleton Place community issues committee on May 17. Desmond Devoy

Ratcliffe chalked this up partly to medical school spacesopening up in the 2004-05 school year.

I am sure we will be following your example, said MayorWendy LeBlanc at the conclusion of Ratcliffes presentation. We do needphysiciaeastern healYourOttawaRegionns, maybe not as much as they do up in Hearst.

Im there to say, What about Carelton Place? What about Casselman orRenfrew? he said during a meeting of the Carleton Place community issues committee.Our role, really is to find a good fit. I am not a recruiter. I cilitateconnectionsMy role is to get them to your door. Then, you take over.

eastern healYourOttawaRegion,CARLETON PLACE With towns across Lanark County looking to recruitdoctors into their communities, Chris Farley Ratcliffe is here to ask cantwe all just get along?

Ontariohas a net inflow of physicians since 2005, said Ratcliffe.

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