eastern healTurkish PM dives into language debate

In his speech, Erdoan also announced electronic book readers would be given to schoolchildren. Why should my Ahmet and Mehmet not receive whatever George or Edward would receive in developed countries [as a public service]? the prime minister asked.

Hitting out at criticism by the pro-Kurdish party leader, the prime minister on Monday defended his party’s stance on the Kurdish issue, saying Turkish should stay the official language but mother tongues can be used.

I do not want to be second class citizin thefore either my mother kurdish langauge is going to be an official langauge or turkish should be droped and we all going to use English langauge instead.. Erdogan is bank rubit and has nothing more for kurds all he has empty rpomises.

The prime minister said his party had raised educational scholarships to a higher level than any previouseastern health center government. During the AKP’s time in power, 163,000 classrooms have been opened and three different social security institutes have been established so people can receive health services without waiting in long lines.

Officials with the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party, or BDP, had accused Erdoan of saying Turkey should be home to a single language and a single religion.

Now we are glad we do not need any foreign help, said a Turkish man who worked in Germany during the 1970s.

The prime minister also addressed criticism by main opposition chief Kemal Klçdarolu about his ruling Justice and Development Party, or AKP’s, stance on local independence for municipalities. We paved the way for local administrations to use their [own] initiative, Erdoan said. [Klçdarolu] has no idea about what we have done.

Once again I must laugh at the irony, given my own experiences, whereby so many people here refuse to speak Turkish to me, preferring instead to practice their English, and often becoming rude and unpleasant if they dont get their own way.

All banners not previously approved by the police, even those supporting the AKP, were forbidden from the rally.

A large crowd welcomed the prime minister to Ataehir district, which he announced would be a finance center of the city.

Let me recall the moments of former governments, [when] the shops were closed and cash registers were torched in front of the prime ministry. Who were the ruling parties at those times? Erdoan asked during his AKP campaign rally.

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We do not recognize a second official language but everyone should be able to speak their mother tongue. We are against ethnic, regional and language nationalism, Erdoan added.

I never used a statement about a single language, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoan said in a campaign rally in Istanbul’s Ataehir district

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Those parties, he said, were the Nationalist Movement Party, or MHP, and the Democratic Left Party, or DSP, the sister party of the main opposition Republican People’s Party, or CHP.

Mr prime minister please stop flip flopping on the Kurdish issue! one day you promise language rights, the next day you reiterate that there is one nation, one language and you say anyone who doesnt like this policy can leave Turkey. This is inconsistent with a modern democracy. Many modern democratic, progressive states have multiple languages and multiple nations living in them. examples include, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, India…Do you want me to go on further with the list? wether you like it or not Kurds are a nation with a unique language, a long history and culture. They have been living on their ancestral land long long before your ancestors invaded this land. You are in no position to tamper with their god-given rights. Get real!!!!wake up sir and smell the coffee! you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time! More and more you are starting to sound like a sour looser.

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The prime minister accused CHP chief Klçdarolu of creating an alliance with the BDP during his recent visit to Eastern Anatolia, while partnering with the MHP in the country’s west. The CHP meetings in the country’s East and Southeast gathered supporters not of the main opposition but of the BDP, Erdoan said.

Language nationalism? Never heard of that word. One country, one people, one language These were the words of Mr President a year or so ago. So yes, Mr President, you did use the rhetoric that only one language can exist in Turkey. Most be one of the most hypocritic presidents ever.

Some of the AKP supporters gathered in Ataehir on Monday felt int from the heat while standing out in the sun. Others expressed happiness that their letters requesting a job or financial aid had reached the prime minister.

There can only be one official language and that language should be Turkish. It is time that everyone stop perpetrating the discriminations of the past. All children born in Turkey are Turkish regardless of their ethnic heritage. Until Kurdish people begin to raise their children as Turks, nothing will change. The hate against the country of their birth, fostered from childhood is the huge problem. When will these people wake up and understand that they are exiling their children to an uneducated life. Things could be so different. I know many Turkish children who are born in the USA and are educated in English but that hasnt stopped those kids from speaking Turkish at home and when abroad. It shouldnt be such an issue. Everyone must learn to live in the now and forget what has happened in the past. I know it sounds so easy, but it is not and it will take time for things to change.

We initially considered education in mother tongue andlaunched Kurdish courses and a state television channel in Kurdish as well; however, we did not say the official language would be different from Turkish, he said.

According to Erdoan, the AKP inherited a state that was in debt, a country that was suffering from a variety of probleastern healTurkish PM dives into language debateems, ranging from education to health.

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