eastern healSeniors care unaffordable, says mily

Too frail to move, doctor says

eastern healSeniors care unaffordable, says mily,Michelle Abbott said her mother, 73-year-old Catherine Dinn,eastern capeCouncil must work for you is in the advanced stages of Parkinsons disease and has a number of other health problems. Abbott said shes written to Eastern Health, Newfoundland and Labrador Health Minister Jerome Kennedy and both the former and current premiers.

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Abbott said she did receive a response from Eastern Health and that Kennedy said Dinn will have to wait her turn.

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[Dinns] doctor in St. Johns had written a letter to Kathy Dunderdale and to Kennedy and to Eastern Health stating that her health is very fragile and that a move of any kind would be detrimental, said Abbott.

Chancellor Park is a long term care cility in St. Johns. Abbott said her mother has been on the waiting list for a government subsidized bed at the cility since 2009.

Abbott said her mother was having mini-strokes on top of her other health problems and her doctor was concerned about the effect moving her around could have on her health.

I had no idea how long it would take to get a subsidized bed, so here we are and now its April 2011 and were still waiting, said Abbott.

In 2006, I moved my Mom to Toronto and she had just been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease and she lived here for ten months and she hated it here, so we moved her back to St. Johns, said Abbott.

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A St. Johns woman is pleading with the provincial government to create more subsidized nursing home beds.

She said her milys ordeal began five years ago.

There was no other option for us. My mom was in need of care, physically and certainly medically, and so Chancellor Park was the only option – there were no nursing homes, government-funded nursing homes, available to her at that time, said Abbott.

The mily no longer has enough money to cover the cost of private care – $6200 per month – and Dinns savings ran out in December.

In a letter, Eastern Health wrote …your mother has declined bed offers at St. Lukes and Hoyles.

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When I think of my mom I think of the most prudent person who probably ever lived. My dad died in 1983. He was a young man. And she had to bring up two kids with nothing, said Abbott. This is not just a problem for Catherine Dinn. This is a problem for every taxpayer, every senior citizen who has given to society. Their care should be provided for.

As her mothers health deteriorateeastern health newfoundlandd, and options became few, Abbott said she turned to assisted living. However, Abbott said the care wasnt enough.

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The mily had hoped an announcement by Kennedy in March about more beds opening up would be the answer. However, those beds were for patients who have been discharged from hospital and Catherine Dinn didnt qualify.

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