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British Columbia, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island: All acknowledge there are people waiting for services but they dont provide a figure.

Saskatchewan: The Ministry of Social Services says 124 people are waiting for placement in day or residential programs.

Ontario: As of Dec. 31, about 10,000 people were on waiting lists for residential services. The province says an undisclosed number are receiving some form of service or may be living at home, but have chosen to add their names to the waiting list.

Newfoundland and Labrador: The province doesnt specifically track wait times for residential programs for people with inteleastern healQuickList for vulnerable care storylectual disabilities. There are wait times for placements in St. Johns, N.L., with a wait list of about 10 milies, says Eastern Health, the provinces largest health authority.

New Brunswick: The province says it doesnt have anyone on waiting lists for housing or services.

eastern healQuickList for vulnerable care story,Quebec: Ministry of Health and Social Services says 1,011 areastern health.cae on waiting lists for a place to live, 316 are waiting for personal care services, and 551 are waiting for day programs and therapies.

Nova Scotia: There are 260 adults with disabilities waiting for support services or a home, and another 500 people have requested a transfer to another cility or home.

Alberta: The provinces program for persons with disabilities says it has 61 people waiting for services.

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