eastern healKnow your health pro: Thomas Bailey in Melbourne



When health problems croppeeastern healKnow your health pro: Thomas Bailey in Melbourned up, he turned to Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

Ive never had any problems since and signed up for acupuncture school the next year. This medicine worked for me and caused drastic changes very quickly just from learning how my body works from this point of view, he said.

QUESTION: Is Oriental medicine gaining acceptance in the United States?

Eastern medicine has been practiced for nearly 10,000 years, but theres more and more science now, he said.

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Contact: 902 E. New Haven Ave., Suite 102, Melbourne,

ANSWER: I think its been more accepted in major cities around the country and places out in the western U.S.

A: Theres a whole list, including pain and helping with fertility issues. Lately Ive been getting a lot of people who want to stop smoking. Theres digestive disorders, pediatric care for colds and flu.

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Hobbies: Eastern philosophy, martial arts

There was an interest in Chinese culture even since I was a kid, but I was not exposed to acupuncture and Oriental medicine until I was working at a rehab center, he said.

Thomas Bailey always had an interest in Eastern medicine and martial arts, but first got a bachelors degree in business administration and marketing and worked as a sales representative for Campbells Soup.

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eastern healKnow your health pro: Thomas Bailey in Melbourne,Hometown: Savannah, Ga.

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City of residence: Mel

A: The goal here is to use as many treatments and the appropriate amount of time to get you balanced and teach you how to stay there.

Some people dont want to get educated and just want to get better. Some of it is just so foreign to them that they have a hard time with it.

Q: What conditions are treated with acupuncture?

Here theyre learning slowly. Florida is the second largest state in the number of acupuncture practitioners in the country. There are now 90 practicing in Brevard County, yet very few people come in here knowing about acupuncture and natural medicine and taking care of themselves.


Education: Bachelor of science in business administration, marketing; certification in massage therapy at Florida College of Natural Health in Pompano Beach; masters degree in acupuncture at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale

Q: Do your patients have to keep coming back?

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