eastern healJefferson County Department of Health to close Bessemer, Ensley, West End clinics, consolidate at new Midfield site

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The decision, as it has always been, lies with you.

The Vending Center building has been vacant since the vending equipment distributor moved to Industrial Boulevard in Bessemer. Plans for the new building are still being drawn up, Veras said.

The health department already has money to build the new cility, which is projected to handle about 100,000 visits a year, Veras said. Health department officials said in March the agency had a reserve of about $72 million.

Cooper Green is funded by more than just the sales tax, it is also funded by a line item in the General Fund budget each year. The total amount fluctuates between $40 million and $80 million per year. You are correct that the some in the Jefferson County delegation are corrupt thieves who will continue to fight closing Cooper Green even if it means shutting down the rest of the County and leaving only Cooper Green operating. That you support that only means you are on par with those corrupt thieves.

There are a million socio-economic reasons that it is the way it is. With your blanket statement, you are saying that you alone are smarter than ALL of the Commissioners, Legislators and Mayors and such. I give up. WHEW!!!

Jefferson County Department of Health to close Bessemer, Ensley, West End clinics, consolidate at new Midfield site

The Midfield City Council is scheduled to vote Monday night on whether to rezone the two parcels slated for a park from residential to business use.

It will provide 110 jobs in the city, and not only that — its going to enhance the area, Midfield Mayor Gary Richardson said. With that many people working at that location, its certainly going to mean a draw for economic development and restaurants and the type of things that will provide services to those employees … Im just ecstatic something that big is coming to the city of Midfield.

I can understand why the crooked politicians want to keep CG open because they wouldnt be able to funnel money through other hospitals contracted for the same work. But, I cant understand why citizens would want CG to remain open, if they could receive the same services at other area hospitals while saving money that could be used for departments such as the ones you mentioned. Then the county would actually have money to purchase material to repair roads (like they used to), or pay deputies, etc.

Lets get rid of the sheriffs deputies, stop building roads, triple sewer costs and raise taxes so we can build more new health clinics to be operated by the county government since they can certainly run them more efficiently than private clinics….

The health department chose to build a new cility rather than continue to pour money into its older cilities in Bessemer, Ensley and West End, Veras said. The new clinic will be centrally located to serve the patients from those three.

Midfield city officials said they are elated to be getting such a cility.

You hit on the most interesting point of this whole issue. They can provide better care for tens of millions less a year by coordinating with other hospitals. What LEGITIMATE reason can support such a decision? Either there continues to be fraud and corruption, waste and payoffs, or they are doing it to keep certain patients out of UAB and ST Vincents. Most likely a little of both. Either way it should stop.

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eastern healJefferson County Department of Health to close Bessemer, Ensley, West End clinics, consolidate at new Midfield site,The Jefferson County Department of Health plans to close clinics in Bessemeastern health center birmingham aler, Ensley and West End and consolidate its services for the western area into a new clinic in Midfield.

maxx haaaaates cooper green. He is on a mission. It makes no sense to reasonable people. This is a good idea. The Eastern center has made services better coordinated and easier to negotate.

The Jefferson County Department of Health also has clinics in Morris and on Sixth Avenue South in downtown Birmingham.

The Jefferson County Department of Health is funded primarily by Jefferson County. Since Jefferson County cannot print money they have limited resources. They are cutting most areas of County Government and building new Health Department clinics and keeping Cooper Green open. Thus they have prioritized these clinics ahead of roadbuilding, law enforcement, and other areas of government.

You claim a better management of resources will produce all the savings that are needed to keep the county running, well, we have elected several councils that were unable to find those savings and kept borrowing because people like you refused to pay for the government you want. Well, the credit line is closed and now you will have to learn to live with what you pay for.

I do not claim that Cooper Green is inefficient, every single study carried out by the County and private organizations have dmeonstrated there would be significant savings by closing it down. Please explain why you support spending up to $80 million per year to provide this care at Cooper Green instead of $30 million to provide it at UAB or ST. Vincents? Leave aside the argument about the morality of stealing from some residents to give to others.

The health department has purchased the old Vending Center in the 600 block of Bessemer Superhighway in Midfield and plans to demolish it and build a new clinic on the site at an estimated cost of $15 million. Construction could start by early 2012, health department Finance Director Gwen Veras said.

Even so, why couldnt these services been achieved in one building? I would think that one building, power bill, gas bill, phone service, computer service, etc. would be less expensive to the taxpayers. Shouldnt our commission look for ways to save money and reduce the burden on the citizens…oh, and pay down the massive sewer debt?

I agree with you, maxxjd. It seems CG and health clinics take priority over all otheeastern healJefferson County Department of Health to close Bessemer, Ensley, West End clinics, consolidate at new Midfield siter phases of county government. Im curious as to why there are 3 clinics on the western end of town, and only 3 for all other areas of JeffCo. IMO, 3 separate locations for the western part of town was a waste of taxpayers money to begin with…should have only been one.

The health department has two parcels of land near the proposed center it plans to use for a park, which would include a walking track and pavilion.

The new cility in Midfield will have 120-130 employees and include maternity and optometry programs from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a pharmacy program from Cooper Green Mercy Hospital.

One only has to overlay the demographics to understand that this is for all entitlement residents. The free stuff from the gubmet keeps on coming if you are a minority……..aint life grand?

The western health clinic is planned to be similar to the countys Eastern Health Clinic, which opened in Roebuck in 2008, also as a consolidated center.

I do not HATE Cooper Green. What I disagree with is spending upwards of $60 million each and every year for the County to own and operate a hospital that has very few patients. Every study that has analyzed this issue has demonstrated that this program could be integrated into other existing hospitals and save half of that amount ($30 million) per year. This is ASSUMING you believe that the County should be spending the money they stole from those who work for a living by giving the money to others who do not work.

Meredith set up her blog with us, and began blogging on April 1, not knowing that 26 days later, she and her mily would survive the EF4 tornado that ravaged Tuscaloosa.

Its much more accessible for our patients, Veras said. The others are a ways away from the main thoroughre.

Could it be that the western area in Birmingham is the most populated area in the WHOLE state of Alabama??

I keep telling you maxx, you get the government you pay for. Cooper Green is funded by .05% of the Jeffco sales tax. If you want Cooper to go away, get convince enough people in the Jeffco county delegation to create a bill so the whole state can vote on it. Thats the only way you are getting rid of it.

Update: Jefferson County House delegation passes home rule, other bills aimed at county financial crisis

Its going to make that area really attractive, Richardson said.

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