eastern healFree medication but only in the Dublin area

Gary Culliton

Galway GP Dr Martin Daly said that while he had no problem with people in the Eastern part of the country getting their psychotropic drugs free, those in Galway, Roscommon and other parts of the country should be treated equally. Thats the real issue, he said.


Dr Hanlon agreed with Dr Daly that there were difficulties in the transfer of care from the HSE into general practice. This highlights the difficulties of shipping work out of psychiatric services into general practice, in an unplanned, uncoordinated way. A GP might never see people in his or her practice, know what treatments theyre on or even know they hadeastern healFree medication but only in the Dublin area a condition at all, he said.

People who live in the former Eastern Health Board area, who get a prescription from the psychiatric services and who do not have a medical card, get their psychotropic medication free. Such drugs, including mood stabilisers, would teastern health board dublinreat depression, anxiety, psychosis and other conditions, the IMO AGM was told.

eastern healFree medication but only in the Dublin area,In contrast, people outside this Eastern area who do not have a medical card have to pay for their medication. This anomaly is not widely known; its daft but there were historical reasons why it arose, said Dr David Hanlon, a GP from Leixlip.

Theres clearly a lack of planning and a disconnect in this regard, added Dr Matt Sadlier.

For many people, these drugs would exceed the Drug Payment Scheme threshold of €120 per month. Compliance and people taking their medication is important.

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