eastern healECAPS Corp. announces new cility in Marlboro County

ECAPS Corp., a start-up green building materials aluminum cladding business, will locate its new manucturing and distribution cility in Marlboro County in an existing manucturing complex located at 239 Maple Street in Bennettsville. The company will engineer, manucture and distribute customized solutions for aluminum composite cladding of new and old building from this new plant.

It&39;s so exciting to see this kind of multi-million dollar job creating investment in Marlboro County, said Gov. Haley. We&39;ve said all along that we&39;re going to bring jobs to every part of South Carolina, and that&39;s exactly what we&39;ve done during our first 100 days.

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BENNETTSVILLE, SC – Marlboro County Council and the Marlboro County Economic Development Partnership today announced ECAPS Corp, a manucturer of green building materials, plans to invest at least $3.4 million and to generate at least 150 new jobs in Marlboro County over the next 5 years.

ECAPS Corporation is pleased to announce our intent to locate our aluminum composite panel brication, distribution and customer service center in Marlboro County, South Carolina. Within the next three and a half years this decision will result in the development of 150 highly skilled new jobs and a capital investment of more than $3.4 million. Our stockholders have committed themselves unreservedly to this endeavor and they join me in certain that no effort is spared in the timely commencement of the final phase of this important project, said Steen Frandsen, CEO of ECAPS.

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Throughout the years, the old Boro site was a noble reminder of the past for many of us; the company made a quality product, everyone knew someone who worked there and you could not travel I-95 without seeing their green trucks with yellow logo. The ECAPS project will return this location to its former glory – creating jobs and revitalizing the immediate vicinity of the cility, said Dr. Carolyn Prince, Council Vice Chair and representative of the Council district in which the ECAPS site is located.

ECAPS expects to begin ramping up its initial operations in a temporary setting while the complex is being readied for their occupancy. Limited manucturing is expected to commence in the second quarter of this year.

Marlboro County Council is excited about today&39;s announcement, said County Council Chairman Ron Munnerlyn. So many times new industry locates in new buildings, leaving former sites left to decay. The ECAPS project will not only create jobs, but; redevelop one of these sites, our community more attractive for citizens and potential new industries. The 150 plus jobs that ECAPS is bringing to our county are critically important to our residents and the health of our community. It is equally rewarding to be able to announce this in the context of the revitalization of the dormant Boro Wood Products Complex.

Today&39;s announcement was enabled by a combination of financial and technical assistance from the S.C. Department of Commerce and the Northeastern Strategic Alliance.

The company will begin hiring for the new positions immediately. The CEO will be relocating from the Florida coast. The company will roll out its new Web site Monday, May 2, 2011, at www.ECAPS.com and will be posting job information on its Web site May 3rd.

On behalf of the North Eastern Strategic Alliance, I would like to welcome yet another green industry to Marlboro County. ECAPS Corporation has a bright future ahead of it, said state Senator J. Yancey McGill, NESA chairman. The same teamwork that brought it to the region will help it be successful here.I am encouraged by the announcement of this project and the recent announcement of Carolina AAC. It looks like Marlboro County is developing a cluster that is on the cutting edge of the green building materials industry. I look forward to watching ECAPS grow in Marlboro County.

The company&39;s will locate its new manucturing and distribution at the former BORO manucturing complex in Bennettsville. The BORO cility closed in the late 1980&39;s and had llen into disrepair.

Jacquiline Huard Co-founder and Chair of the ECAPS Board of Directors said that the community of Marlboro County and the Pee Dee would benefit from the continuing educational programs and curriculum. The unique commitments to quality sets us apart from our competition and help build a strong foundation with our customers, our employees and the community at large.

A formal welcome ceremony will be held for ECAPS at the time it is ready to move into the renovated cility.

This announcement is another win for South Carolina, and one of our state&39;s rural areas in particular. We appreciate ECAPS Corp.&39;s deceastern health jobsision to do business and create jobs in the Palmetto State. This announcement was the result of a team effort and provides another example of the results we can achieve by working together at the state and local levels, said Bobby Hitt, Secretary of Commerce.

ECAPS will engineer, manucture and distribute customized solutions for aluminum composite cladding of new and old building from this new plant. The company will begin ramping up its first of 2 phases in a temporary setting while the permanent cility complex is up fitted for their occupancy. Limited manucturing is expected to commence in the second quarter of this year.

ECAPS Corp, based in Warren, Mich., designs and manuctures high-quality aluminum building materials for cladding the exterior of new and old buildings. The company&39;s products are made of a specially designed combination of aluminum sheets and composite insulating materials and are offered at competitive prices. For more information about the company, please visit www.ECAPS.com.

Teamwork and focus throughout the process and the entire county full of willing resources, were the keys to getting this project settled into Marlboro County and South Carolina. This started with an initial prospect visit hosted by Aubrey Crosland (President of the PeeDee CDC), that introduced the project and their CEO to Marlboro County, and culminated with a second and special County Council meeting on Good Friday. It is that effort and tens of other resources in between. opined Ron King, Executive Director of the Partnership.

eastern healECAPS Corp. announces new cility in Marlboro County,From the Marlboro Co. Economic Development Partnership

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