eastern healCertain moves prove therapeutic, rehabilitative

Mens issues, too

She noted that men must often deal with misdianosed prostatitis,chronic pelvic pain or urinary inconteastern healCertain moves prove therapeutic, rehabilitativeinence. So she worksholistically in a team approach with other health careprofessionals, when possible, in dealing with prostate issues inthe bladder and rectal area, anything thats contained in the bowlof the pelvis and spine, as well.

Since no one practitioner can put it all together, she said amultidisciplinary team approach, looking at it holistically, is theonly way to go. It works in Boulder where she confers withphysicians, some of them very non-traditional, urologists,gynecologists, acupuncturists, midwives, birthing professionals,doulas, massage therapists, Pilates and yoga instructors andchiropractors. She said she hopes to build such relationships amongSiouxlands medical professionals as well.

eastern healCertain moves prove therapeutic, rehabilitative,Through a variety of hands-on manual therapies, movement,breath, therapeutic yoga, awareness training and self-carepractices, Palmer integrates traditional western medicine witheastern health practices and philosophy. This comes on top of her16 years of manual therapy experience, a foundation for treatingthe root of pain and functional issues.

Even candy has its place. As Palmer puts it, Theres a time anda place for everything.

With all the information that I had gathered before and myexperiences, I then compiled it and took a much more holisticapproach to physical therapy, she said. And I specialize in areaswhere most physical therapists dont go into, which is pelvichealth, womens health, mens pelvic health issues.

Some medical professionals may insist, for instance, that theproblem is prostatitis.

While a great deal of her work deals with womens health issues,from pregnancy and postpartum care to menstrual issues andvaginismus, mens pelvic health is a big priority.

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It could be exercise, yoga, self-massage. Whatever the take-homeremedy, it is geared to each individual.

With a large Indian rug, a big ball, comfortably exotic artwork,earth colors and what appears to be a big bed as its centerpiece,this is not your ordinary medical office. Bright and vibrant, itlooks inviting. The bed is a Rolfing massage therapy table. Andthat big ball? Its a useful exercise tool. It may seem more athome in Boulder, Colo., where she continues to operate a clinic oneweek each month (her move to Sioux City coming after marriage toentrepreneur Marty Palmer of Palmer Candy Co.) Embody openedaboout seven months ago.

Its about education

A passionate pelvic health specialist, Michele Kreisberg Palmerhas brought a new look to physical therapy in Siouxland withEmbody, the one-room clinic she opened last ll above Rebos atFourth and Court streets that is dedicated to holistic and inspiredhealth care and well-being.

And while doctors are a big part of the team, super-importantshe said, she wishes more would be willing to recognize the otherplayers.

Her interest in pelvic health issues came from her work inBoulder when she noted that patients simply didnt talk aboutcertain issues, like the pelvis and the birthing process and maybeurinary issues or bowel and bladder issues. Painful intercouses isanother big thing that I work on with women. No one was talkingabout it, she said.

You know how womens health always used to be the sleeper, shesaid. I used to say theres a lot of information about womenshealth issues. There is more information about that now than thereis for mens pelvic health issues.

With an itis and an inflammation, they think that there is abacterial infection. So a lot of times they continue to give maybeup to 6 months of antibiotics to the man, she said. And thatsnot necessarily the problem. Unfortunately, there are other issues,a lot of them musculature in nature, that can reproduce symptomsthat might look like what he is having is prostate issues, whichwould be constant urination or painful ejaculation or painfulintercourse or frequent urination in the night, nocturia.

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She does a lot of hands-on body work, applying visceralmanipulation, an osteopathic technique, to the physical therapytechniques she learned first. She has also studied Arvigotechniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, combining what she considersthe best of many worlds. That includes yoga therapy and MyoscialRelease.

And if you look at the rest of the body, the rest of the bodyis informed by the pelvis, in my mind. So there might be issueselsewhere in the body. But if were not looking at the relationshipon how the pelvis sees the spine, were missing a pretty importantpiece of the puzzle.

My big goal is to send people home with things to do so thatthey can take ceastern health intranetare of themselves, so that I can empower them toparticipate in their health care, Palmer said.

For me, its really about education, teaching people andpractitioners that there are options out there that maybe even thedoctors themselves usually are not fully aware of, she said.

Mysteries of the pelvis

I do work with some traditional things like back pain and neckpain, Palmer said, But I go again into those areas that a lot ofmen dont feel comfortable talking about … or that their doctorsdont know exactly what to do with them.

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In such cases, Palmer looks at the pelvis, its structure,movement and alignment of the bones.

With 18 years of experience in the body healing field, her earlycareer as a massage therapist and yoga practitioner gave Palmer adifferent perspective when she entered the physical therapyfield.

Men and women often il to understand what goes on in thepelvis.

For men, the problem could simply be a chronic shortness in thepelvic floor muscles, depriving them of the ability to relax, shesaid. And not having the ability to relax can impact normal urinaryfunction because of the relationship between the pelvic floor andthe bladder. So when the pelvic floor is too tight and doesnt knowhow to relax and shut off, it simply confuses the bladder, shesaid.

The pelvis, she admits, is a scary part of the body. And as aphysical therapist, she is licensed to work internally, bothvaginally and rectally. Yet that kind of work remains optional,depending on the comfort level of the patient.

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