eastern healAmazon sheds new light on cloud outage

To help limit further damage, the analyst believes that Amazon should make sure customers realise that outages do occur.

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The groups that got caught out a bit were the ones that, for better or worse, were treating Amazon Web Services as if it were a primary datacentre, King explained.

The announcement comes as the company looks to move past a system outage, which had left many of its client web services slowed or inaccessible for a period of several days. Amazon said that the outage of its EC2 and EBS services in northern Virginia was now over.

They need to make it very clear what the limitations in this service are, King said.

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Charles King, principal analyst with Pund-IT Inc. told V3.co.uk that the impact from the outage was likely minimised by clients who had planned for such problems and avoided using Amazons web platforms for essential services.

Amazon has released new details on the extent of the outage which knocked out, or slowed, its cloud computing platforms in recent days.

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The vast majority of affected volumes have now been recovered, the company said.

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It is certainly not meant to be a primary infrastructure.

Some companies obviously read the fine print, but the number of sites that got hit badly indicates they need to improve their communication.

Over the course of the outage, the company has taken criticism over its inability to connect with users and warn of possible repercussions from an outage.

eastern healAmazon sheds new light on cloud outage,The ceastern healAmazon sheds new light on cloud outageompany said on its Amazon Weeastern health systemb Services Health Dashboard that services are now returned to normal, and that most user systems and data should be fully restored.

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Were in the process of contacting a limited number of customers who have EBS volumes that have not yet recovered and will continue to work hard on restoring these remaining volumes.

The company also promised that it would be investigating the issue and releasing a detailed report on the cause of the outage.

While the issue has been resolved, Amazon said that a small fraction its systems, some 0.07 per cent of its volumes stored in its Eastern US region would not be fully recoverable.

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