eastern capeKroonstad hospital loses interns

"When you are an intern, you are not yet qualified as a doctor and you need supervision," she said in a statement.

In February six foreign doctors were arrested and appeared in the Middelburg Magistrates Court on charges of being bogus doctors. The charges the six ce include practising as doctors before registering with the HPCSA. Two of the doctors ced organised crime charges, because they allegedly allowed other doctors to use their practice numbers to claim from medical aids.

Peters-Scheepers said there had been complaints from members of the public of interns being used when doctors were away. These incidents were however not related to Boitumelo Hospital, but more to private practices.

However, he did not rule out that the doctor had a case to answer.

No planning, no control And No Clue

They should launch an inquiry on all the Indian doctors,as some of them are using their thers or grandthers practice numbers as their own.

HPCSA spokeswoman Bertha Peters-Scheepers said the hospital was short-staffed.

Employing interns to act as doctors was a serious offence and practitioners who employed these junior medical doctors, whether they received compensation or noeastern cape health departmentt, would ce charges.


Yup, must be Apartheids ult that some inept ANC run health department cannot find a single qualified doctor to supervise 4 interns.

Guess who was running the country when the shorgate of Doctors started , White Afrikaner, please do not vote for DA, this country will be screwed again. Bwahhhhhhhh

HPCSA acting CEO and Registrar Marella OReilly said: "Although we are aware of the shortage of doctors at the hospital, interns are still in training and it is critical that they receive the necessary guidance and supervision from a practitioner with at least three years post-internship experienceeastern capeKroonstad hospital loses interns in a specific domain."

Four of the six – Drs Rasheed Aremu, Akinloye Eweoya, Baladale Olutu and Chike Valentine Ezulu are all registered with the council.

This stupid ANC led government forces doctors into this internship program, then wastes the opportunities.

Speaking at a press conference in February, Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi said there was no evidence that Ezulu, who worked at the BJ Vorster Hospital in the Eastern Cape, was a bogus doctor.

According to the Health Professions Act, interns are required to work under direct supervision. They may also not work in private practice, irrespective of whether they are paid or not.

eastern capeKroonstad hospital loses interns,An evaluation team appointed by the regulator found inadequate standards of internship training at the hospital.

Four interns have been removed from Boitumelo Hospital in Kroonstad because there was nobody to supervise them, the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) said on Tuesday.

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