eastern capeE Cape hospitals to be renovated


Hospitals that would be revitalised were:

– St Elizabeth Hospital – was to be constructed from scratch. R60-million would be spent on specialised civil works and preparing for the new hospital.

eastern capeE Cape hospitals to be renovated,R1,9-billion will be spent renovating hospitals and clinics in the Eastern Cape, the provincial health department said on Tuesday.

– Frontier Hospital new casualty unit, outpatients department and two new wards and mortuary (R18 million)

– Livingstone Hospitals Oncology Unit and outpatients department (R55-million)

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Labour recruitment would be done through the centralised recruitment office in partnership with the labour department in Mdantsane.

&8220;For the first time in eight years the department of health will not be returning money to National Treasury which gets allocated in the guise of the infrastructure grant,&8221; spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said in a statement.

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– eastern capeE Cape hospitals to be renovatedCecilia Makiwanne (R900-million)

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apprenticeship workplace experience positions.

– Frere Hospitals Oncology Unit (R160-million)

&8220;The hospitals will provide a conducive working environment for our nurses and doctors to do their jobs efficiently and to provide quality health care to our patients.&8221;

&8220;… (This is) very integral in the upliftment of the lives of our people,&8221; he said. – Sapa

Dr Nokuzola Ntshona outside Frere hospital in East London, which is to receive a R160-million upgrade. Photo: Nigel Louw

– Jose Pearson TB Hospital new XDR (extremely-drug resistant tuberculosis) Unit (R11 million)

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– Nkqubela TB Hospital upgrade of two wards in the MDR (multidrug-resistant) Unit (R7,5-million)

Kupelo said that during construction a minimum of 1300 job opportunities would be available, 48 graduate internships and 30

– St Patricks Hospital – new outpatients department and casualty unit (R370-million)

He said the renovations would also provide jobs for people and stimulate the local economy.

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