eastern capeBeef kills Eastern Cape boy

The department advised people not to eat animaleastern cape provincial department of healths that had died from unknown causes.

eastern capeBeef kills Eastern Cape boy,"He waseastern capeBeef kills Eastern Cape boy declared dead at the Makhotyane clinic in Libode today [Monday] after eating the cow on Sunday afternoon," spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said.

About 40 villagers arrived at the clinic with symptoms including diarrhoea, severe stomach cramps and headaches. They were taken to St Barnabas Hospital.

A teenage boy has died after eating meat from a cow that died at his village of Mthombetsipsa in the Eastern Cape, the provincial health department said on Monday.

"We have more people who are being transported to the clinic for stabilisation… we will investigate the cause."

"Him and other villagers found the dead cow in their kraal and decided to eat it… without knowing what caused its death."

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