eastern acceServices

Occupational therapyOccupational therapists give professional advice and support to people needing help with their daily living activities in the home and in the general community.

each child – child careWe believe that mily is the most important and influential ctor in a childs development and that all milies need support.

Youth ConnectionsThe Youth Connections program is for young people aged 11 to 19 years, who are most at risk of leaving school early and not getting Year 12 or equivalent, and their milies.

Health PromotionThe Health Promotion team works in partnership with community members, government, schools, businesses and other organisations to improve health and wellbeing of population groups experiencing health inequities.

Youth and Family ServicesProviding assistance to young people who experience risks to their health and wellbeing, and disconnection from mily and community relationships.

Hospital Admissions Risk Program (HARP)HARP provides short term care coordination for people with complex needs.

SRS & Self Directed SupportsProvides a broad range of personal support either in the home or within the community to those with an Individualised Support Package.

Respite for Carers – Mental HealthRespite for carers supporting a person with a mental health issue, intellectual disability or austism spectrum disorder.

Community Access Mental Health Alliance (CAMHA)A community support service for people with mental health issues who live in the Shire of Yarra Ranges.

Supporting Kids in Primary SchoolsSKIPS is a unique program that helps primary schools understand and support children and milies when a parent suffers mental illness.

Aboriginal Health Promotion and Chronic Care (AHPACC)The AHPACC program aims to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal Victorians through the prevention and better management of chronic diseases.

each child Therapy & Family SupportThe each child Therapy and Family Support Team offers services to milies with concerns about their childs development.

Community Dental Health ServiceIndependence and wellbeing through self management and appropriate treatment of their oral health.

Killara HouseKillara House is available to people experiencing dementia, memory loss, mental confusion or reduced mental ability.

Community Health CounsellingEACH counsellors aim to work in a respectful way, to build on your existing strengths and increase your sense of power over the difficulties you may be cing.

EACH Employment ServicesEACH Employment Services is a quality disability employment network service that assists people with a disability find employment then provides ongoing support to help sustain employment.

Family Relationship Service for CarersA statewide service providing support to carers with a mily member with a disability.

ReachoutReachout provides intensive assertive outreach for people who are homeless or at the risk of homelessness and who have complex mental health issues.

Older Adult Services – Social Activity GroupsOlder Adult Services offers a range of social activities for frail elderly and isolated people, those with dementia and people with a disability still living at home or in a supported residential service accommodation.

EACH demonstrates that a social model of health and community support is essential to achieving better health and welleastern acceServices-being for the community.

High and Complex NeedsThe aim of our service is to provide effective and coordinated care for people experiencing high and complex needs when they need it.

each child – early intervention programeach child early intervention offers a range of programs and activities designed to minimise the impact of a disability or developmental delay.

eastern acceServices,This involves the investment of thought, energy and constant striving to prove by example that the model of services we have developed is the model for the future.

Golden Wattle HouseGolden Wattle House is a supported social group offering the opportunity for older frail and isolated people to continue to be active within the community.

Community Participation – VisionsHigh quality, meaningful activities for people with disabilities to enhance independence, abilities, community participation and quality of life.

PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy helps people maintain or regain as much movement, strength, fitness and independence as possible.

SHADESSHADES aims to reduce the risk of people with a mental illness experiencing recurring homelessness.

Eastern Victims Assistance and Counselling (EVAC)EVAC brings together a range of support and counselling services for individuals, milies or groups who have been affected by violent crimes such as mily violence, ual assault, physical assault and murder.

RivendellA community support service for people with mental health issues who live in the Healesville and Yarra Glen areas.

ReconnectThe Reconnect program is a community-based early intervention service that assists young people aged 12 to 18 years who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and those who are experiencing problems related to mily conflict, changes in mily

Wednesday Activity GroupThe Wednesday Activity Group is a social support group that has been in operation for over 30 years

Community Child and Family CentreThe each child Community Child and Family Centre provides a range of services including psychology, speech pathology, child care and early intervention.

Sixty-five PlusSixty-Five Plus (65+) offers home-based outreach support and group programs for people 65 years of age and older who have mental health issues or a psychiatric disability.

Eastern Drug and Alcohol Service (EDAS)EDAS provides free and confidential drug and alcohol counselling, support and education in Melbournes Eastern Metropolitan Region.

Carers Offering Peers Early Support (COPES)Offering you individual support – a listening and sympathetic ear, as well as useful information about mental health services, workers and support services.

Respite for Carers – DisabilityRespite for carers supporting a person with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder.

Community Support ServiceEACH, Community Support Services is a new program in Glen Innes, funded by FaHCSIA, with outreach services to Tenterfield and Guyra.

Regional Counselling ServicesProviding a range of counselling and support services to individuals and milies of all ages to help them to improve their health and wellbeing.

LifeworksLifeworks provides a range of services designed to enhance the quality of life and the living skills of people with a psychiatric disability.

DieteticsDietitians can help people to understand the relationship between what they eat, their health and wellbeing.

EACH TrainingEACH Training offers nationally accredited training, and a wide range of seminars and workshops. EACH Training specialises in assisting people managing disabilities to participate in vocational education.

HalcyonHalcyon provides a range of services designed to enhance the quality of life and the living skills of people with a psychiatric disability.

Family Relationship CentreA key aspect of the centres work is the provision of joint parenting negotiation sessions which focus on assisting parents to agree on parenting arrangements appropriate for their children while manageable for the parents.

Whistle Stop CafeThe Whistle Stop Caf is a community cafe at the Yarra Sport and Recreational Centre.

Heading HomeThe successful transition of selected residents into the community through providing a dedicated, intensive, sustained and integrated support response.

Shiralee House – National Respite for Carers ProgramShiralee House offers support for carers in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne and for the people they care for.

Day to Day Living ProgramA structured activity program for people managing severe and persistent mental illness and experiencing social isolation.

PodiatryThe each podiatry service is available to people who are frail and to those with chronic health conditions that affect their feet.

Community Participation – AboundSupport for people with an acquired brain injury, acquired disability or neurological condition to access community activities and options.

Ben&8217;s ShedThe shed has provided an opportunity for those men who have retired from the workforce; men who previously enjoyed spending time in their sheds that are no longer available to them.

Personal Helpers and Mentors Program (PHaMS)PHaMS assists people who are managing a mental illness which results in a significant functional limitation.

Older Adult Services – Carer Focussed InitiativesThe CISS Older Adult Service offers a range of social activities for frail elderly and isolated people, those with dementia and people with a disability still living at home or in a supported residential service accommodation.

each child – kindergartenFamily is the most important and influential ctor in a childs development.

Maroondah Social and Community Health CentreA community-based, not for profit service providing accessible, affordable and quality health care services for children and adults.

Allied Health/Home & Community CareThe Allied Health team works together to assess your needs and provide you with the best possible care.

Maroondah No Interest Loan SchemeLoans to Health Care or Pension Card holders and people on low incomes to buy essential houeastern access community healthsehold items.

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