eastern acceCroydon therapist needs a hand to help homeless

&8220;If it&8217;s a work injury that I can help someone with, that can make a hueastern acceCroydon therapist needs a hand to help homelessge difference. Some people simply need to be showed care.&8221; She won a scholarship to a national conference hosted by the Australian Association of Massage Therapists in Cairns earlier this month, speaking about the clinic.

In February she realised a dream and opened the doors of The Heal Community Clinic in Croydon Rd.

eastern acceCroydon therapist needs a hand to help homeless,Alyseastern access community health Cavanagh, 32, has been a regular ce at soup kitchens over the past two years, offering to help disadvantaged people by treating injuries or just providing relaxation.

A CROYDON remedial massage therapist is putting her hands where her heart is, giving free massages to the homeless.

To help: phone Ms Cavanagh on 0400 896 542 or you can email healcommunityclinic@y7mail.com

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She said the treatment helped people to feel more able to cope with their circumstances. &8220;In some cases that can be the difference between getting a job and being able to pay the rent or not.

&8220;We offer a long-term transformative healing program for people experiencing homelessness, risk of homelessness or marginalisation,&8221; Ms Cavanagh said, adding that she had about 50 clients. &8220;If you&8217;re an individual in that situation, the physical toll is enormous. Most of these clients exhibit conditions way more acute than you&8217;d encounter in a clinic where people pay.&8221;

The event led to some sponsorship, and Ms Cavanagh hopes Maroondah businesses could likewise help the clinic,private healPension fund scrutiny is worth a look which also runs an outreach service and gets referrals from groups such as Eastern Access Community Health.

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