dept of healRow over Mandelas last resting place

On Thursday, construction started on the R100-million Mandela Legacy Bridge, which will cross the Mbashe River and connect Mvezo with the N2 near Dutywa. The bridge is being built by the government.

On Friday,dept of health eastern cape tenders a senior member of the traditional council said the decision to move the remains was taken at a meeting on Monday at which Mandela was present.

The remains were transferred from their old coffins and placed in new oak and pine coffins.

dept of healRow over Mandelas last resting place,The remains were exhumed from the mily cemetery in Qunu in the Eastern Cape and reburied in Mvezo, about 40km away, by a local funeral parlour and officials of the provincial Department of Health.

Members of the Nelson Mandela Museum, a national heritage organisation overseeing Madibas legacy projects in Mthatha and Qunu, last year accused Mandla of trying to strong-arm the National Lottery Board into giving him R8-million to complete the construction of a museum. He did this without their approval.

A feud is brewing in former president Nelson Mandelas mily following the surprise exhumation and reburial of three of his children this week.

…….The vultures from the Madiba clan have started to flutter around……time to revise the contracts and agreements to get the money generated by Mandelas passing away………….

The government has spent millions beefing up the infrastructure in Qunu, building roads and pavements.

I wonder why this sudden rush to exhume and re-bury the Mandelas?

He said the exhumations would lead to the creation of a new mily cemetery in Mvezo and that this would change plans for Madibas funeral.

In July last year, Mandla was accused of attempting to hijack Madibas legacy from Qunu. He has for some time lured development to the remote village in a bid to boost its image as a tourist attraction.

Death is no respecter of people. Once dead we are all just 2 hands full of dust. Face cts.

Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthes spokesman, Thabo Masebe, was yesterday unaware of this weeks developments.

Personally, I dont carer a fig what happens to my remains after death.

Im just looking forward to Malemas burial date. Im planning to slaughter a bull and throwing a t party. I might even raffle the event. Booze will be free.

Officials of the provincial Department of Health and Jezile Funeral Home supervised the exhumations.

"The way things are going … it means that Madiba will be buried in Mvezo," he said.

A draft schedule circulated by the Government Communication and Information System last year shows a burial site in Qunu.

On the issue of Mandela: The old bag isnt even dead yet and aldept of healRow over Mandelas last resting placeready the squabbles have started. Just imagine the sh!t that will happen once hes finally down under. Im quite sure all the little vultures would give their left p!nkie just to have a peak at his final will. Tsk tsk tsk, what a suprise when ol Graca gets it all and takes it back home. LMAO.

"Not all the graves could be exhumed on the same day … they were exhumed in the order of the time they died."

He is set to return to his home in Houghton, Johannesburg, today.

General Bantu Holomisa, a close mily friend, declined to comment. Neither Mandla Mandela nor Mandelas daughter Zindzi could be reached yesterday for comment.

The move has angered mily members who spoke to the Sunday Times – and has thrown arrangements for Madibas funeral in Qunu into disarray.

""""""Who cares??? the black masses hate this man for selling them out…"""""

Mvezo is Mandelas birthplace. The exhumations were ordered by his grandson and ANC MP, Mandla Mandela, who is the chief of the area.

Where there is smoke…….hummm???

A hearse of Jezile Funeral Home transported three coffins to Mvezo.

The remains of six more members of Madibas mily are scheduled to be exhumed and reburied on a site near the milys original home in Mvezo.

Madiba and his wife, Graça, were not present at the exhumations, which were attended by Mandla and several elders from Mvezo. Members of the AbaThembu royal mily also attended the exhumations.

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Yesterday, a member of Madibas mily in Johannesburg said they were shocked to learn about the exhumations.

The exhumations, which were undertaken on Wednesday, took place four days after Mandela arrived at his homestead in Qunu for his first visit since being discharged from hospital in Johannesburg in January.

Yesterday, sources close to the mily said they were not consulted and were angry at Mandlas move.

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Masebe said a special committee handling preparations for Madibas funeral must be notified of any changes.

Who cares??? the black masses hate this man for selling them out……… people should just be honest and say that they want Mandela shipped off to England where he can be buried at Buckingham Palace.

Seems you are scared of death and what is to come??? Ag shame.

The bodies that were exhumed were Mandelas children, sons Thembekile and Makgatho and innt daughter Makaziwe, who died in 1948, aged nine months.

"No decision was made or finalised by the mily," she said. She added that the traditional ceremony that often takes place before the removal of a persons remains had not been held in this case.

"I cant say anything about what Mandla Mandela is doing," he said.

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