department o2011 Local government elections – early reaction

The real issue is that the ANC is the party of non-service-delivery; and, most dishearteningly, to its own electorate.

Newcomer Zanele Mgwaza-Msibi’s National Freedom Party did better than expected with 58 seats countrywide, predominantly in KwaZulu-Natal. To put this in perspective though, by early evening the ANC had 2,435. NFP convenor Evans Sosibo was happy with the result. We didnt expect this at all. This party is still at[sic] inncy. We are very happy because this sets a solid foundation for us in the 2014 election.

department o2011 Local government elections – early reaction,The DA knew irly early on it had held onto its only municipality in Gauteng, Midvaal, nabbing 56% of the vote, while the ANC took 41% with no other parties doing anything significant – except the FF+ with a seat on the council. EWN reported ANC voters threatening to burn down the homes of DA supporters, which outraged DA leader, Helen Zille.

That was always how it was meant to be. They are perfect for each other, of course only on a day that the they want to feel pity for their lower caste, which also happens to be the day when they realize theyre losing theyre former glory of Rome, and its perculiar interests in Israel for some bizzare reason.

The DA coalition in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) did not manage to unseat the ANC which clung marginally to its majority with 51.5% of the vote. The DA scored 40.24%, but Cope floundered with only 4.93%. The ANdepartment of health in eastern capeC’s Eastern Cape leader Phumulo Masualle said, We are absolutely happy. We are ecstatic. We are ready to run Nelson Mandela Bay again. We will work continue[sic] with opposition parties to improve the lives of the poor in the metro. Helen Zille blamed the collapse of Cope, commenting on Twitter Dear DA voters in NMB. You did spectacularly. Cope collapsed. That was the tragedy of this election. If they had held we would have won.

Most middle-class blacks (like me) want to cross-over or to color-blind-vote, but are met with the stark and sad realization that: it is 1 way street. ANC is mainly seen (by outsiders) as a black party that no other race is generally prepared to give a try or look at with an open mind. Its ilure or loss of ground will read see black people cannot govern, even they know it. It just leaves us no option but to stay ANC and do the best to see it succeed, albeit at a very high price to the nation. Praying for a miracle in my lifetime

I think it is sad that the ANC electorate didnt take the Local Election as an opportunity to signal to their party that they were dissatisfied with their performance on a local level. Vote with your heart by all means during National Elections if you must, but a vote with your head for Local Elections would have sent a clear signal to the ANC Leadership.

She did voice concern about PE and planned to lay a complaint with the IEC when she noticed five voters being issued with only one ballot instead of the requisite two. However, the DA did win the ward.

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Missy please dont see the ct that white people wont vote for the ANC as a sign that we are not committed to a non-racial democratic country. We are. If you consider the corruption and disrespect towards poor people in this country and then add the ct that the ANC constantly uses anti-white rhetoric to maintain support it is not surprising that we wont vote for the party. We cannot because we want it to be better here. We do not want it to be like it was during apartheid. I guess I just want you to know that despite the ct that I wont vote for the ANC it is not a one-way street. I am committed department o2011 Local government elections – early reactionto change, to re-evaluating my beliefs, to helping to make things better where I can. It is hard to acknowledge prejudice where I thought there wasnt any and unfortunately that sometimes happen. I still cannot reconcile the good man that I know my grandther was with the ct that he worked for Bantu Education. I am prepared to meet you halfway (or even all the way when required) even though it might be painful but for me that does not mean to vote for a party that I do not believe will deliver and it is honestly not because they are black.

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It is not that blacks cannot govern, rather that the ANC chooses not to, and is exploiting the poorest and weakest of South Africans by iling to uplift them with health, education and security.

It really is time that the ANC realised that its electorate isnt Cosato (membership 2 million), but the poor (unemployed: 11 million). And when you understand that over 65% of Cosato membership is in government/municipal sectors (not evil capitalists) and that these sectors are responsible for health, education and security then it should be clear to you that you can do more than just pray for a miracle.

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The situation seemed to calm down later in the day. ANC chairwoman Baleka Mbete later condemned the threats. [That behaviour] is not ANC culture. Its the last thing we need.

The ANC later issued a statement in which it accepted the Midvaal result and said it was happy to retain all other Gauteng municipalities. At that time not all counts had been confirmed and the DA was leading in City of Johannesburg. The ANC acknowledged it was disappointed. We know that there is a huge disappointment from the working people and the poor of Midvaal. The ANC is deeply concerned that the area remains racially polarised with lots of blatant racism. The party promised to use provincial and district governments to assist the municipality.

Theuns Botha, head of the DA in Western Cape, said the party made strong gains in the province, expecting to take 15 of the 30 municipalities. Although many results are still to be confirmed, the numbers seem to be tallying with Botha’s prediction.

By Thursday evening results were still being tallied, but already there was a clearer picture emerging of how the local government elections had gone. Most votes had been counted in much of the country, and reactions were warm in Midvaal, silent if youre the ANC and naturally varied everywhere else. By SIMON WILLIAMSON.

And incase you need anyone to sing your next happy birthday, I am signing up as a candidate. As long as Tony Blair (acting in place of mother Theresa) or any other meddling, interfering and hipocritical, self serving, ambitious and self contradictory, former slave owners turned sneaky diplomats are not invited.

Qoute: Several smaller parties remained optimistic. Jo-Ann Downs of the ACDP said the party seemed to have gained what it lost in the last election, but added, We are saddened at the way South Africa has been polarised as evident at the polling stations (on Wednesday). Indians, whites and coloureds vote DA, while black people vote ANC.

Missy, I, for one, do not consider the ANC a black party. In seeing the ANC as a black party, you are the same mistake as outsiders. Yes, the ANC is predominantly black – but only because South Africa is predominantly black.

They (DA supporters) have been under such intimidation from the ANC. It has been so terrible and now in Midvaal the ANC is threatening to march on the homes of black DA supporters and burn their homes because they support the DA. ANC secretary general, Gwede Mantashe, echoed her sentiments, We must condemn any attempt to threaten anybody because of the results of the elections.Elections (are) a democratic process, we must welcome them.

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