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Latrobe Valleys public dental waiting lists have been slashed from five years to six months.It comes from a focused plan by Latrobe Community Health Service in coordination with other dental services across the region.Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester said Latrobe Community Health had secured the services of 16 dentists and dental therapists at its centre in Buckley Street, Morwell.Dental waiting times were reported by the Department of Human Services in June 2006 at more than 64 months in Latrobe and Baw Baw regions.Mr Chester said he had been told this week waiting lists had been reduced to around six months.By investing in new cilities for practising and training dentists, Latrobe Community Health is confident access will continue to improve for Latrobe Valley residents, Mr Chester said.Likewise the new building includes consulting rooms for other professionals to practise and train in Morwell and I look forward to working with the health centre in anyway I can to recruit more health professionals to the region.Full credit must go to Latrobe Community Health Service and its team for improving the performance so markedly in a reasonably short period of time, State Member for Morwell Russell Northe said.There needs to be an overhaul of the regional incentive programs to attract and retain health professionals in rural and regional communities and a bettlatrobe healther targeted system of payments which rewards doctors and other health professionals who move to some of the more difficult to service areas and then choose to stay there, Mr Chester said.We also need to make sure that we are providing opportunities for students from regional communities to actually achieve the marks to go on to study medicine or other health professions.It has been proven over many studies that students who have some origins in a regional community are more likely to come back and practice in those communities in the future and we must do more to suppDental wait time slashed – Local News – News – General – Latrobe Valley Express?latrobe healort students from country areas who want to pursue meaningful careers in medicine as others of skills shortages.

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