Corruption costs Eastern Cape health?eastern cape

Courier companies contracted to distribute medication were [reportedly] responsible… as they would collect deliveries or orders from the depot and keep the orders in their own depots, Kupelo said.

Corruption costs Eastern Cape health?eastern cape,A recent investigation by  Price Waterhouse Coopers revealed that the fraud and corruption was related to contracts and tenders,  said department spokesman Sizwe Kupelo.

funny this received only few comments..or is it because the little ANC chihuahuas have their little tails stuck between their legs with shame..true week in and out tCorruption costs Eastern Cape health?eastern capehere is corruption reported about ANC led provinces and yet people still have the guts to shout viva ANC..whats wrong with South Africans are we stupid or just bluntly ignorant..cant we see this Zuma led government is pulling the entire country into hell..lets think before we vote and vote for a change,not corruption and greed..until the Government takes a firm stand against this looters nothing will stop them..instead of being punished like Tony Yengeni and Allan Boesak in Zumas government they will be rewarded with better positions..phuck this government..phuck the ANC died when Mbeki left finish and klaar…ek is gatvol ke lona maan.

Unfortunately corrucption in the Eastern Cape was never addressed even during the tenure of Mr Mandela & Mbeki respectively. As people who hail from that province they should have known better of whats transpiring there. As kwaito guys say Manje se ku moshagele and the province is rotten to the core. I feel sorry for anyone living in that province as greediness rules their provincial government.

We also have an amount of R18 million related to tender procurement, where at least eight officials would allegedly award tenders to their own companies.

This, after he was informed of corruption at the depot which led  to delays in the distribution of drugs and an overall shortage of medication and hospitals and clinics.

Fraud and corruption by officials and service providers have cost the Eastern Cape health department at least R45 million in the past few years, the department admits

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All cases have been referred to the police and the officials involved have either been suspended or resigned, he said.Eastern Cape health MEC Sicelo Gqobana had also ordered a forensic investigation into the Port Elizabeth medical depot responsible for the distribution of drugs to the provinces health cilities.

The investigation started last year and involved activities spanning a few financial years.

Kupelo said 35 companies were believed to have profited.

The investigation revealed firstly that there was fraud and corruption totalling R13 million for an air ambulance contract, he  said.

People steal goverment money then on sunday they go to church and ask for forgiveness we leave in the strange world

Lord have mercy on your people. Why so greedy and captive to sin. Those involved must be punished and pay the money back. Thair houses and cars must be repossesed.

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Facilities that had placed orders would often receive incomplete  orders as a result.

An amount of R14m meant for the maintenance of medical cilities and new building activities was also lost.

As a result, depot staff were inundated with calls about orders  that had already been dispatched, he said.

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Kupelo said depot staff alleged that courier companies were delivering drugs meant for other health cilities to hospitals and  clinics that had not placed an order.

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