Bogus college leaves students in the dark/health depar

U have made a very good point Comrade… Here in PTA we also have a couple of FET Colleges outside CDB the lyks of Tshwane North College in Soshanguve, Tshwane West College in Atteridgeville. Entlek there are lot of them. Actually I dont undastand why our younger bras & sisters end up enrolling with these BOGUS INSTITUTIONS!!!

Malikiti made the shocking discovery when she registered for a nursing course.

While perpetrators come in different colours, victims of these fly-by-night colleges are always black. I had convinced myself that GOVT HAS MUCH BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN TO WORRY ABOUT STUPID BLACKS REGISTERING AT THE BOGUS COLLEGES).

The college name board outside at the wall can tell U that the college should not be taken seriously. Without sounding xenophobic, please stay away from colleges operated by West Africans.

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Typical ignorant brothers and sisters who are obsessed with quick qualifications that they can not even identify a ke from a bunch of what looks right.

I think we allow these foreigners to take us for a ride, how many times have the bogus colleges been exposed? and yet we continue registering without of enquiring from the authorities the validity thereof

When Sowetan reporters went to enquire about the college situated on the corner of Market and Troye Streets in Joburg, Ogwa attacked them. The reporters were rescued by the police.

Bogus college leaves students in the dark/health depar,Last month Sowetan exposed Micro Mako Tech International College (SA) after the Department of Education confirmed that the institution was not registered.

She has since registered for a nursing qualification with a reputable college in Johannesburg.

This thing of bogus colleges has been going on for so long I am starting to think that eradicating their existence is not one of the top priorities of the Education Dept and our government in general.

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But on Friday the police said they were still waiting for information from relevant departments in order to arrest the principal, Joseph Alia Ogwa.

I have a young brother whom I rescued from nearly Registering with a bogus college. The frustration of the students starts from the mess of combination of subjects and low grades that they are given by teachers. Our High Schools must do something regarding Career Guidance and informing Students about bogus Colleges, Parents at home need to tell their children Nothing Comes Easy. Our Churches and local organisations need to guide and mentor the young. Lets tell the children to be careful of cannibals who want to enrich themselves using them. For students there is no easy way out, some of us have to learn the hard way!

desperation and frustration lead our young ppl to those bogus colleges…i always advice em dat if u ddnt perform well at metric go back nd upgrade ur subjects nd after dat go to recognized Technicons or Universities..i dnt trust colleges..

Other students have since gone to the small claims court to try to recover their tuition fees.

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Most municipality in Gauteng have taken over the running of the previously independent technical colleges. For example, if U stay in r east of Ekurhuleni, the previous Isidingo is now called Ekurhuleni East College, there is also another Ekurhuleni East in Kwa-Thema, previously known as Tlamoha College. In Katlehong there is Ekurhuleni West College etc etc. JHB has more than sufficient number of reputable colleges. I would then not understand why someone will intrude a room in a dingy building believing that it is a college.

Most of Ogwas victims are young matriculants who come from Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga.

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Xoli Mbele said once the documents had been received Ogwa would be arrested immediately.

Sowetan has a list of 26 students who have since left the college, 14 of whom have made statements with the police.

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STUDENTS of a bogus college in the Johannesburg CBD have yet to be told if their principal will ce charges of running an illegal college and swindling their funds

Ogwa was arresBogus college leaves students in the dark/health departedhealth department eastern cape and charged with common assault and malicious damage to property. But the charges were withdrawn.

I just want to warn our people, especially frustrated grade 12 graduates who do not have top of the range grade 12 results to go to better institutions, stay away from the CBD colleges. Most reputable FET institutions have left the CBDs and are operating somewhere out of the CBD.

Teaching at the school still continues but the number of students has dropped.

Ayabongwa Malikiti, 20, who was the first student to discover that the college was not registered, said she has yet to find out what happened to the charges of fraud they laid against Ogwa.

you can see by their advert board that this is nothing but scam.People must learn to research,our phones have internet so lets use it.

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The college claims to offer over 40 courses, including policing, mining engineering, electrical engineering, boiler , information technology, bartending and ancillary health.

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