Bill fuels fight over eastern New Orleans hospital_eastern heal

What happened to ONE NEW ORLEANS ? I just see all that money going into buying property and

If there were no boards, there would be little opportunity for patronage. The lawyers and the accountants and the architects that have been getting the same business for seventy five years would be outraged! Eliminate all Boards! The blue bloods, including those who run certain local daily news, would be the first to rationalize why the boards are necessary. Why do we need a Mid City hospital board, a horse racing board, a superdome board, a sewerage and water board, a board of liquidation, a levee board – (two, in ct!), a crescent city Connection board, a downtown development district board, and all of these other taxpayer funded board that have existed for in some instances over 75 years with minimal results? To pay the blue blood lawyers and to make a way for certain milies and professionals to stay in power. The Times Picayune never challenges the existence of boards. Theres a reason. There! I said it! Now, I must run, as I am in danger. (:

Presenting the bill to a House committee, Arnold did not mention the lawsuit, instead pitching the plan as a way to give more representation to residents of the district. Under the bill, three of the mayors appointees would have to be selected from a slate of recommendations by the City Council member, state representatives and state senator who represent the hospital district. The bill also would re-enact the changes the Legislature made last year.

Mitch is NOT going to put in a full service hospital. He is putting in a crappy community clinic so that Ochsner can have a corner on the market for their new hospital in NO East. The previous board had actually made a huge amount of progress on the hospital and was about to close on a purchase and operating agreement for a REAL full service hospital when Mitch and Duplessis mucked it all up so that THEY could control the patronage!

The service district and the city have announced plans to partner with Daughters of Charity to run a clinic on the old Methodist campus and a partnership with Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System to run the community hospital when it opens. The board has not approved a financing plan for the hospital.

Well, Landrieu had to get some people who would follow his script. If we have a board that is supposed to provide public input and accountability, and they just follow some hollywood script, why bother?

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House Bill 353, pushed by the Landrieu administration and sponsored by Rep. Jeff Arnold, R-Algiers, would retool the appointment process for some of the 13 seats on the Orleans Parish Hospital Service District Board A. Perhaps more important, the bill also could become a ctor in the continued legal wrangling over the rightful occupants of the board seats. The measure awaits action by the full House after clearing the Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Afirs Committee last week.

doing lots of construction to build that new LSU corridor. That sounds like one child ( n.o.e.) is on

The plaintiffs also contend that any changes could apply only to new appointees and could not be used to remove existing board members whose terms had not expired. The city argues that the Legislature has the power to adjust the composition and terms of any boards it created previously. The city has thus r not been successful in asking the courts to dismiss the case.

Shouldnt this be an example of a reason to get rid of this board system that is so common in Louisiana? What do they really do except slow down progress with infighting. We elect officials to run our government, why do we need appointed boards to do their job? If the Mayor wants to rebuild a hospital and this board is in his way of progress I dont blame him for cleaning house. Those members of the old board need to get over themselves and realize that they were doing nothing productive. These lawsuits are just a waste of time and money accomplishing nothing but enriching the lawyers.

lBill fuels fight over eastern New Orleans hospital_eastern healife support and needs help and the other child …I dont get it. Please explain that to me.

In New Orleans, the City Councils Health Care and Social Services Committee is scheduled to hear today from Burns and city Health Commissioner Dr. Karen DeSalvo about the hospital project. The meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. in the council chamber.

Having the Mayor have sole appointing authority over what is technically a STATE BOARD is absurd. It is also a recipe for corruption. Worse, these people are supposed to serve at the pleasure of the mayor? that means they have to do everything that he says or be fired! If thats the case, just make it a department of the city. The executive of a municipality should not have direct control over a state board that has both legislative and executive functions. Why is the state ceding its authority to a mayor that has shown such bad judgment and penchant for patronage and corruption since taking office?

Alicia Plummer, who served as chairwoman of the district under Nagin, was the first to apprise the House of the lawsuit. Introducing herself matter-of-ctly as the hospital board chairwoman, she said, This is a maneuver through Rep. Arnold by Mayor Mitch Landrieu to circumvent the judicial process.

Landrieus board is at least moving ahead with its mandate.They might actually earn their pay.we saw nothing from Noggins appointees.We should get our money back from the previous board members they were only collecting a check,and did nothing to get us our hospital.We need this hospital now not in ten years,or never.

We pay a large share of the tqax base in the city (Im told somewhere around 60%), we have one of the highest rates of home ownership, we have one of the highest educated populations. If your administration continues to negelct us perhaps we need to break away from New Orleans and become New Orleans East the city. We can survive without the rest of the city but the rest of the city would really be hurting without the revenue paid by citizens and businesses in the east. Show us some love or well explore the option of self governance. And you can keep Duplessis we dont need her in the east.

giveitarestplease is on the right tract; budget cuts to Boards and Commissions- NOWAY- say the Gov. and the Legs.

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Why has the re-organization of this (what should be) city department not been done? All of these boards should be nothing more than city departments like every other city in the country. Dissolve the boards and put the responsibilities where they need to be, the city government. If Orleans Parish is going to move forward and progress there needs to be a united government not fractionalized control over vital city services.

Ten months after overhauling the public hospital board for eastern New Orleans, Mayor Mitch Landrieu is again seeking to tinker with the law establishing the governing body and fend off a legal challenge from the board members he ousted last summer.

Service District Chairman Ronnie Burns, a Landrieu appointee, frames the measure as a necessary component of the redevelopment project. We havent had a hospital in six years, he told lawmakers. We have a board very committed to make it happen. … This will help us to keep moving in an expeditious manner.


Plummer also chided Arnold for sponsoring legislation targeting an area of the city outside his West Bank district. Arnold retorted, My district is entirely comprised in the boundaries of New Orleans. … I do not represent the east, but I do represent New Orleans.

No money was spent on Board members. No money was spent by board members. The State just realy has no interest in a hospital in new orleans east. all of the available money goes to Mid City.

Bill fuels fight over eastern New Orleans hospital_eastern heal,The old Methodist Hospital building, meanwhile, still sits empty with an uncertain path toward the mayors promise of a full-service hospital east of the Industrial Canal, an area that has gone without one since Hurricane Katrina.

Citing the new law, Landrieu replaced former Mayor Ray Nagins slate of members and installed his own. His appointees quickly approved the purchase of the Methodist Hospital property from Universal Health Services. Landrieu hammered the Nagin administration — and by association the previous board — for its handling of negotiations. Within days, the ousted board members filed a suit challenging the new law on the merits and on procedural grounds. The suit is scheduled for its next hearing Thursday in Civil District Court.

While we are at it why dont we get rid of the most corrupt and useless board of them all, The Sewer and Water Board? It is their poor management of the citys infrastructure that has created the state of disrepair you see today.

The Legislature created the board after Katrina with the idea that it would preside over redeveloping the shuttered Methodist Hospital into a community hospital. Lawmakers tinkered with the board last year, shortly after Landrieu took office, stripping the City Councils confirmation authority over mayoral appointees and ending their defined terms of service. That meant that the mayors seven appointees would serve at his pleasure.

I want the Mayor to have the ability to FIRE someone if the water pumps suddenly il. There is too much complacency among those who control vital parts of the citys infrastructure.

Mitch put this in your next enhanced meeting script.

The former board members whom Landrieu replaced cast the bill as a Landrieu power grab and an effort to stymie their pending lawsuit asserting that they still are the rightful board.

That last provision could allow city attorneys to argue against certain procedural challenges. The plaintiffs have asserted, among other things, that the hospital service district changes were added to an unrelated bill and were not properly advertiseeastern health servicesd.

We need to cut this cr^p, NOW!

IAMAMUSED: Hear, hear. A post of the day, if ever I read one. These boards were established to keep the real control of the city in the hands of the wealthy, privileged few. They are a shameful remnant of the battle for political, social and economic integration, and have no place in the N.O. of the future. We need a ground swell of public opinion to get rid of them a.s.a.p., so the city can move ahead.

Jacqueline Goldberg, another displaced board member, said the bill, like its 2010 predecessor, effectively gives Landrieu control of the hospital board: seven appointments, plus a consumer appointment and the city health commissioner. It removes the independence of this board, she said.

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